Content Sponsorship In addition to advertising on the site, Dexerto has established content partnerships with brands that sponsor some of our articles. Through this funding, we are able to produce even more of the entertaining editorial content you enjoy. The majority of the content on is written by our editorial team and is independent of any advertising or sponsorship. However, Dexerto also works with brands who are interested in sponsoring specific types of articles and bespoke articles about their product, service, or event. To maintain trust with our audience we are transparent with readers when we produce articles that are created in partnership with brands, ensuring that we label them clearly as an Advertisement Feature or Supported Editorial. These articles are written by Dexerto writers and, depending on whether it is an Advertisement Feature or Supported Editorial, they will occasionally collaborate with our partners to obtain the information they need to write about their products. As these features are funded by our partners, they will include external links to their products.