Twitch streamer catches pickpocketer red handed as they grab his wallet

twitch streamer meesterkeemTwitch: MeesterKeem

Twitch streamer MeesterKeem caught a pickpocketer in the act after they tried to steal his wallet whilst roaming the streets of Thailand.

Being an IRL streamer means running into all sorts of wacky events and colorful people while on stream. From wholesome fan interactions to racist or abusive encounters, there’s really no telling what could happen on an IRL stream. That unpredictability makes it exciting, however, as one of the most viewed categories of Twitch.

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Twitch streamer MeesterKeem ran into one of the darker aspects of IRL streaming whilst roaming the streets of Thailand late at night, however. After spending the day out with friends, Keem was out late in the streets of Thailand. During his journey to head back home, he ran across a rather forceful individual who tried to become acquainted.

MeesterKeem realized immediately that the individual was being rather shady and tried to move away. However, they were persistent and kept pace with him, attempting to grab him in various ways. Keem realized what was up and pulled himself away before too much else happened.

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However, during that moment, the individual had managed to pickpocket Keem’s wallet. Fortunately, Keem noticed that they had taken his possession and demanded it back. This led to Keem managing to keep all of his valuables and being able to return safely back to his hotel without further suspicious encounters.

Keem’s interaction with this individual however has brought up discourse surrounding IRL streamers and their safety whilst streaming, with commenters discussing streamers’ feeling too safe.

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Some commenters argued that streamers have felt too safe while broadcasting live of late, believing that nothing could happen to them as it would be caught live on stream.

Some have similarly claimed that IRL streamers are becoming far too carefree, noting that Keem was in a rather dark and deserted area, and therefore should’ve foreseen something like this happening.

Keem, however, seemed rather chill about the entire situation, even going so far as to compliment the thief on how “slick” they were during the entire encounter.

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