IRL Twitch streamer Cooksux attacked by teenager


IRL Twitch streamer Cooksux was harassed and attacked by a group of teenagers in a recent live stream.

Whether it be streamers traveling around the world while bringing their viewers along on the ride with them, or an occasional adventure into the outdoors, IRL live streaming has become more and more popular over the past couple of years.

However, it’s more than fair to say that streamers can end up in some sticky situations, which can sometimes even be near-death experiences. In the past, we’ve seen IRL streamers be robbed, with phones being snatched right out of their hands, or be threatened for their life for broadcasting in public.

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In a recent broadcast, IRL Twitch streamer Cooksux was left in disbelief after being harassed and even attacked by a group of teenagers.

Cooksux attacked by teenager during IRL stream

During his June 23 live stream, Cook began to get followed by several teenagers into a car park, as one of them questioned why the streamer was looking at him.

With a mask covering his face, presumably to protect their identity, the teen continued to get closer and closer, pressing Cook for an answer. “Can you like give me some space brother?” the streamer asked, where the masked individual then asked him for a high-five.

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However, Cooxsux was uncompromising — clearly not wanting to interact with the youngster — which prompted an aggressive response. “I’m not touching,” Cooxusx said adamantly, where the boy then suddenly swung at his head.

Thankfully, the Twitch streamer managed to block the hit after putting his arm up in self-defense, and even one of the other teens shouted for their friend to back off.

“You don’t think your face was on camera earlier? You are so dumb,” Cook said to the youngster as he continued to walk away.

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Later in the stream, CookSux contacted the local police, where he filed a report with the description of the kids. To ensure his safety, the police then escorted the streamer back to his hotel.

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