TikTok prankster Mizzy hit with new charges after ‘hijacking’ train: “GTA in real life”

mizzy-faces-new-charges-hijacking-trainTikTok: menacec1ty

Controversial influencer ‘Mizzy’ is facing three new charges after bursting into the cab of a train and fiddling with its controls in a viral video that’s sparking outrage online.

18-year-old Bacari-Bronze O’Garro has become an infamous online figure thanks to his controversial pranks — and it seems like he has no intentions of stopping them anytime soon.

O’Garro, better known by his online moniker ‘Mizzy,’ first sparked outrage on the net earlier this month after users discovered a slew of his videos pulling inflammatory ‘pranks’ on unsuspecting strangers.

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A few examples of these so-called practical jokes include: Running off with an elderly woman’s dog, walking up to strangers and asking them if they “want to die,” and even entering the homes of complete strangers.

Mizzy sparks backlash after ‘hijacking’ train in latest viral prank

Following the outrage over his videos, Mizzy was arrested and sentenced with a two-year criminal behavior order that prevents him from trespassing on private property, as well as filming others without their express consent in his content.

However, it doesn’t look as though this court order has put a stop to his antics. Over the weekend, a clip surfaced showing Mizzy and several other youngsters infiltrating the driver’s cabin of a train and fiddling with the vehicle’s controls — even blowing its horn. Reposts of the clip dubbed the incident, “GTA in real life.”

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The video has sparked a slew of backlash online against the young influencer, who has now been hit with even more charges as a result of this latest prank.

Mizzy hit with three new charges after breaking into train cabin

According to reports, Mizzy was held overnight on May 26 after appearing in court on three separate charges that same day. The Daily Mail states that he has been accused of “endangering safety” due to his latest locomotive prank.

Judge Rose Edwin claimed that O’Garro “has shown blatant disregard [for] complying with court orders.” Mizzy has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will remain in custody on Edwin’s orders until Tuesday, when he will make another appearance in court.

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According to the Daily Mail, Mizzy’s mother “refuses” to let her son come back home as a result of his antics — something he mentioned in his interview with Piers Morgan, saying he disregarded his mother’s advice urging him to put a stop to his viral antics.

This news follows Mizzy’s arrest on May 26, which was uploaded to social media. It’s currently unclear if the viral video of his train escapade is directly related to his May 26 arrest or not.

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