What is DMZ mode in Warzone 2? Gameplay, release date & more

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With Warzone 2 on the horizon, so too is the upcoming DMZ mode. Making its debut as an ‘Escape from Tarkov’ inspired playlist, it functions in a completely different way to the regular battle royale. Here’s how it all works.

While the follow-up to Warzone is largely exciting fans with its advancements in the core BR-style mode, Warzone 2 is also set to launch with something entirely unique in DMZ. This secondary game type allows players to focus on new objectives, battle AI, and extract with high-tier loot.

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Although details were scarce at first, we now know what to expect from this highly-anticipated mode that insiders suggest has been in the works for many years.

Here, we’re going to run through everything we know about DMZ, its likeness to Escape from Tarkov, and how it will fit alongside Warzone 2.


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Warzone 2 and DMZ both feature as part of Modern Warfare 2’s Season 1 update.

DMZ game mode Launch Date

The new DMZ game mode launches alongside Warzone 2 on Wednesday, November 16. Both arrive as part of the mega-sized Season 1 update spread across Modern Warfare 2.

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This means players have plenty of options as soon as the first season of the new cycle gets underway. You can either jump into the newly revamped BR in Warzone 2, play standard multiplayer in MW2, or check out what’s new in the DMZ game type.

DMZ free-to-play

As the DMZ game type is tied directly to Warzone 2, we know for certain it will be a free-to-play experience. With Warzone 2 available at no charge, and DMZ bundled within, anyone is able to access the unique game type simply by installing the BR.

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DMZ mode gameplay details: AI, map, more

With the first official DMZ gameplay arriving during a creator event on November 9, we got a first look at the mode in action. In essence, it’s a blend of PVE vs PVP all rolled into one. Teams drop into a version of the Al Mazrah map already filled with AI-controlled enemies. It’s up to them to fight for control of a territory.

By wiping out other nearby humans along with AI, it provides a window to check the map and look for nearby Strongholds. These locations come with a number of randomized objectives, be it defusing a bomb or simply eliminating a number of targets. In completing these missions, players can earn high-tier loot and advance through to the next area.

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Effectively, it’s your call where you strike and what your overall goal is. Your team is striving to drop in, loot up, and eventually leave the map through a handful of exfiltration zones. Exactly how much loot you’ll claim for making it out alive boils down to you and your squad.

Enemy AI can vary from regular targets to armored foes and of course, the meatier Juggernaut-style opponents too. Not only that, but reinforcements will often swoop down from helicopters overhead or arrive in bigger convoys outside.

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That’s all the information we currently have on Call of Duty’s DMZ mode. 

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