Best Overwatch 2 support tier list: Most popular characters for Season 4

Support Tier List for Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes are making big moves in Overwatch 2 Season 4 players are making big moves in the tier lists. Knowing the right picks can make or break your game. So, who are the top-tier support characters that you should use? Our best Overwatch 2 support tier list is here to steer you right.

We all know Overwatch 2 isn’t just about racking up kills, it’s also about strategy. Selecting the right Support Hero can shift the odds in your favor and even swing the result of a match. Our rundown for the most popular Support characters for Season 4 will help you get a clear view of the battlefield and bring your A-game to every match.

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Your squad relies on good support to keep the team healthy and help clinch those wins. With every new season, the meta changes, and the top-tier Heroes evolve. To keep you on the winning side, we’ve analyzed the latest data and updated our picks Season 4.

Based on the data available via Overbuff, here is how the different support heroes stack up to each other based on pick rate, win rate, time on fire, and average K/D (based on PC stats).

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S Tier


OW2 MoiraBlizzard Entertainment

Moira’s win rate has dipped a bit over the course of the season, but it’s now back over the 50% threshold. She does also have a top-five pick rate among supports and the highest KDA (6.32) in the role.


overwatch 2 kiriko sukajan skin headerBlizzard

Just like Moira, Kiriko is thriving in this new season with a top-five pick rate and a top-three KDA among Supports, despite her slightly sub-50% win rate.


OW2 ZenyattaBlizzard Entertainment

He’s not picked as often as Moira and Kiriko, but her very high win rate and KDAs are both eye-catching for her role. Absolutely an under-the-radar pick at the moment.

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OW2 AnaBlizzard Entertainment

Ana continues to be the most-picked Support, and character, in Overwatch 2, despite the fact that her win rate is just above 49% and her KDA is fairly middle-of-the-pack. Her pick rate and success guarantee her an S-tier spot – despite her win rate probably being deflated by all the below-average players piloting her.

A Tier


OW2 MercyBlizzard Entertainment

Mercy is the second most-picked support with a 49.64% win rate and a KDA of just over 4. She’s good, but probably picked a hair too much because of her popularity in the fandom.

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B Tier


OW2 LucioBlizzard Entertainment

Lucio has become a bit middle of the ground in Season 4 with a dropping pick rate (3.18%) and standard KDA – although his win rate is worth considering at 51.43%.


OW2 BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment

Brigitte still has the highest win rate of any support hero in Season 4 at 54.7% (up slightly on last season). But her worryingly low pick rate (1.70) and above-average KDA continue to prevent her from being a contested support hero.

C Tier


OW2 BaptisteBlizzard Entertainment

Despite the buffs, Baptiste still has one of the lowest win rates of all Overwatch supports, and Heroes, with only Lifeweaver and Ana fairing worse. Hopefully, players will begin to pick him up a bit and potentially raise up his performance.

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