Best Overwatch 2 DPS tier list: Most popular characters for current meta

OW2 DPS Tier ListBlizzard Entertainment

If you’re hungry for Overwatch 2’s top damage dealers, you’ve hit the jackpot. We’ve put together the ultimate Overwatch 2 DPS tier list, packed with info on the most popular characters in the current meta for you to consider.

From Widowmaker’s accurate marksmanship to Reaper’s close-range bludgeoning gameplay, we’ve meticulously analyzed every DPS hero to find out who’s really worth your time in the current state of the game. This Overwatch 2 tier list brings you the best of the best when it comes to dishing out damage, securing kills, and turning the tide of battle.

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Whether you’re a newbie, a casual player, or a seasoned veteran, this list is the ultimate guide to dominating the battlefield. So, let’s dive into our list of top-notch Overwatch 2 DPS heroes and learn what it takes to rule the roost and find out which heroes are soaring in popularity,

Alternatively, check out our Overwatch 2 support tier list, and tank tier list pages if you’re looking for details on which characters to play from those particular classes. New to Overwatch and not sure which heroes are the best fit? Our guide for the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners has got you covered.

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S Tier


OW2 AsheBlizzard Entertainment

She’s top three among all DPS heroes when it comes to win rate, along with a respectable pick rate closing in on 2.5%. With a nice quality-of-life change to BoB, Ashe is seeing a lot more action every day.

A Tier


OW2 ReaperTwitter: PlayOverwatch

Reaper has dropped out of the top five for win rates, sitting in 6th now, but still remains a dangerous character to use in the right hands. He has a solid 2% pick rate and a respectable KDA.

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OW2 GenjiBlizzard Entertainment

Genji is now the second-most-picked DPS hero in Overwatch 2 with a 4.66% pick rate, but he can’t make it back to S tier because his win rate is still lacking (48.60%).

Soldier: 76

OW2 Soldier 76Blizzard Entertainment

Soldier is also a commonly-picked DPS hero (3.61%), but he is also suffering from a lower win rate (48.10%). He is helped by having a passable 3.10 KDA.


OW2 PharahBlizzard Entertainment

Pharah’s pick rate has remained somewhat stable but fallen in Season 4 to 1.91%. Even though her win rate has dipped a bit to around 48.33% she’s still top six among DPS heroes in KDA.

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B Tier


symmetra uses ultimateBlizzard Entertainment

Symmetra has the highest win rate and third-highest KDA among all DPS heroes. She doesn’t make the S or A tiers, though, because she’s rarely picked (only a 1.42% pick rate).


Overwatch 2 TorbjornBlizzard

Ditto for Torbjorn, whose 53.16% win rate and 3.30 KDA are balanced out by a 1.36% pick rate, which makes him one of the least-used Heroes.


Mei in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Mei is a bit disadvantaged by not having the greatest win rate (currently just above 49%), but she does have the second-highest KDA for DPS supports – despite her low pick rate.

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OW2 CassidyBlizzard Entertainment

Even though he is still one of the most-picked DPS heroes Cassidy still has one of the lowest win rates (46.78%) in the DPS role and the worst KDA of all DPS heroes at just 2.58.


OW2 WidowmakerBlizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker is still a highly-picked hero, but her win rate doesn’t even sniff 46%, and her KDA is bottom four in the role as well.


OW2 HanzoBlizzard Entertainment

Another greatly picked Hero pick rate, Hanzo ends up down in B tier because of his awful 47% win rate which brings him down a notch or two.

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C Tier


Echo as portrayed in Overwatch key art.Blizzard

Even though Echo has the third-best win rate, that comes paired with the lowest pick rate (less than 1%) for a DPS hero and a poor (2.92) KDA.


Sojourn running in Overwatch 2Blizzard

Sojourn has languished at the bottom of the rankings for DPS for a while, and not much has changed in Season 4. With one of the worst win rates at just 46%, a pick rate over 1.29%, and a 3.15 KDA, she has to be a C for the time being.


junkrat overwatch 2 design changesActivision Blizzard

Junkrat continues to plummet in terms of his viability, with his win rate down below 47.35% and the fifth-worst KDA.

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OW2 TracerYouTube: Nintendo

Tracer’s popularity has seen a nice boost in Season 4 (2.51%). Unfortunately, it hasn’t saved her languishing win rate or KDA to have only her more dedicated mains playing her.


overwatch 2 bastion redesignBlizzard Entertainment

Bastion is still in a rough spot, but he at least has a KDA 3.15 and a win rate sniffing 48.04% to keep him out of the basement for DPS heroes.

D tier


Sombra in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

No matter what Overwatch seems to do, they just can’t seem to figure out how to make Sombra a viable option. She remains the lowest win-rate DPS hero (43.78) despite never being picked.

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So, there you have it — a full roundup of the tier list of best DPS heroes you should be playing in Overwatch 2. Looking for more tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready for your next match? Check out the following content.

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