Blue Protocol: Release window, platforms, gameplay features & more

A character from Blue ProtocolBandai Namco

If you’re wondering when Blue Protocol, an upcoming MMORPG, is scheduled for release and what its gameplay is going to look like, here’s everything you need to know.

Developed by Bandai Namco, Blue Protocol is an upcoming multiplayer online action role-playing game that brings anime to life with an immersive and compelling story. You get to choose and customize your character to the fullest and make it the hero of your own fantasy adventure.

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If you’re someone who’s familiar with games like Genshin Impact, you’ll notice how similar the graphics and the general gameplay are. The game features both campaign and multiplayer modes and will be completely free to play.

So, if Blue Protocol sounds like your kind of game, keep reading as our handy hub has everything you need to know about its release window, platforms, gameplay features, and more.


Does Blue Protocol have a release date?

Bandai Namco have announced that Blue Protocol will release in Japan on June 14, 2023, however, the Western release had been delayed to 2024.

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It was previously stated that the game would release worldwide in the second half of 2023, but fans outside of Japan will now have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the action-packed title.

some characters in Blue ProtocolBandai Namco
The main campaign of the game is pretty immersive.

All Blue Protocol platforms

The upcoming MMORPG will release for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

At the time of writing, it’s still unclear whether it will support cross-progression and cross-platform play like Genshin Impact at launch or not.

Blue Protocol trailers

Several Blue Protocol trailers have been released so far, with the first being revealed at The Game Awards in December 2022. This was followed by another trailer that further highlighted the game’s action-packed combat and customization systems.

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A third Japanese trailer was shared on the official Blue Protocol YouTube channel on May 29, 2023, which gave fans a more in-depth look at the character creator.

Finally, another trailer was shared via YouTube on July 6, 2023, that showcased gameplay footage of the Blitz Lancer, one of the classes in the game.

You can check out all of the trailers below:

Blue Protocol livestream

On March 28, 2023, an official Blue Protocol livestream was shared that featured a brief look at gameplay footage.

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You can check out the full video below where two sections of gameplay are highlighted at 36:00 minutes and the 1:11:20 mark respectively.

What are the highlighted features of Blue Protocol?

Some of the featured highlights of the game include a cinematic campaign (with tons of side missions), five classes at launch, usage of spells, character customization, multiplayer mode, and a lot more.

Here’s a rundown of all the featured highlights of the game:

  • Cinematic Main Campaign and Ample Side Content: Blue Protocol takes players on a heroic journey through Regnas, a world teetering on the brink of destruction after millennia of conflict and technology overuse. As players journey, they encounter characters who illuminate the history of Regnas and guide them as they face down powerful foes and unlock their memories. During this epic adventure, players can also explore the beautiful world and get to know the inhabitants as they complete side quests, hone their skills in different challenges, enjoy fishing, and more.
  • 5 Classes at launch: Each class has a unique set of skills that can be strengthened and modified with Skill Points, which players earn by raising their class level. As players increase a skill to its maximum level, they’ll unlock a new class ability. Players can also switch classes at any time.
    • Blade Warden: A master of both sword and shield; making it a balanced class for front-line attacks.
    • Twin Striker: Excels at short-range damage dealing, wielding two devastating axes.
    • Keen Strider: Agile, with a bow for long-range attacks and area effects; excels at weakening enemies so front-line fighters can finish them off.
    • Spell Weaver: Manipulates the elements for powerful fire, ice, and lightning attacks.
    • Foe Breaker: Wielder of a massive hammer that deals powerful blows up close and can fire a cannonball for short-range attacks.
  • Using Echoes: During combat players can summon the power of Echoes, the spiritual remnants of mystical creatures with powerful attacks, to aid them in battle.
  • Character Customization: Players create and play as their own avatar, with fully customizable features including mix-and-match outfits and accessories, hairstyles, and mounts.
  • Dynamic Multiplayer: Players can enjoy all of Blue Protocol’s story alone or with others, with group content including Fields and Dungeons for up to six players, and epic Raids for up to 30. Gameplay can also trigger rare open-world bosses that bring together players from across the map to take down for rare loot.

So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about Blue Protocol. For more news on upcoming games, check out our hubs below:

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