13 co-op games like It Takes Two you must play

brothers, sackboys, and leo and vincentStarbreeze Studios, Sumo Digital, EA

It Takes Two is a great co-op game that features a touching story and some great teamwork. If you’re looking for some recommendations after finishing it then you are in the right place, because here are some other fantastic co-op games to play after it.

Playing co-op games with friends creates an electrifying energy that words struggle to describe. The energy is alive and, whether you’re sitting next to each other or not, the enjoyment is undeniably infectious. It Takes Two has truly etched a niche in this regard, compelling many to look for similar, immersive co-op quests.

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So, whether you’re looking for a great couch co-op or just a simple online experience to enjoy with a loved one or a friend after the brilliance of It Takes Two, you simply have to give these games a go.

leo and vincent sitting in a plane in a way outEA
The more serious It Takes Two.

A Way Out

An easy one to start off with as it’s also made by Hazelight Studios and the similarities are rather obvious. Before It Takes Two came along, A Way Out was trendsetting in the local co-op department by giving players control over two characters whose story is completely intertwined.

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The budding duo of Vincent and Leo work together to achieve their shared agenda and do so through clever sequences and puzzles. It has far fewer Moon Baboons and elephants than It Takes Two, mostly because it’s a more serious story than its successor, but it still works very well.


player cooking in overcookedTeam 17
After a while, throwing dough to your partner will become second nature.


From prison to a kitchen, the Overcooked games are the first titles on this list that fall into the “will seriously test your friendship/relationship” category.

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Team 17’s Overcooked is a sumptuous recipe of cooking, co-op, and chaos. Each game consists of umpteen levels in which you must navigate your kitchen and cook food to serve hungry customers. The only caveat is that your work environment can range from a traditional open-ended restaurant to having to use teleporters to traverse upper and lower floors of a castle.

The lengths Overcooked will go to throw you off is admirable and you’ll have to be on top of your teamwork to succeed!

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players encountering troll in brothersstarbreeze studios
Brothers often throws up some entertaining scenarios.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Although not developed by Hazelight Studios, the project is led by director Josef Fares — the mind behind A Way Out and It Takes Two.

If you’re playing this after the latter, then you’ll recognize this is basically a game like It Takes Two and can sense the seeds being planted for future innovations. Its co-op element is not fully realized here as Brothers is technically made for single-player, as you can only use one controller, but if you huddle together close enough, then local co-op is easily achievable.

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If you can persevere, then there’s a truly emotional and heartwarming story to be played out here, held together by many intuitive puzzles that require timing and lateral thinking.


two sackboys next to each otherSumo Digital
If you enjoyed playing It Takes Two together, then Sackboy shares lots of the same variety and novelty.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Let’s face it, everyone loves Sackboy as he’s utterly adorable!

The LittleBigPlanet games were always harmonious experiences that were very versatile in the way you could approach them, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure is no different. It gets rid of the crafting and creating that made the original LittleBigPlanet games so endearing and channels its focus into delivering a fun but deviously tricky platformer.

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Throw in a second pair of hands and you can have tons of fun exploring and traversing weird and wonderful levels together.


two players moving furniture in moving outTeam 17
In Moving Out, it’s fair to say that it takes two to successfully move furniture without breaking it constantly.

Moving Out

If you’ve ever experienced the torturous act of moving house in real life, then you already know the pure pain and punishment that you’ll endure while doing so – but Moving Out somehow manages to make it fun.

We think this is easily a game like It Takes Two because teamwork is paramount and at the forefront of the game’s core fundamentals. You need to strategize which items to move where, and you need to both be in perfect synchronicity with one another to ensure you’re moving items as efficiently as possible.

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You also need to do your best to not throw your controller at the wall. It will get frustrating, but as with any difficult task, the euphoric feeling of satisfaction when you’ve moved furniture well enough is rewarding and ultimately makes Moving Out worth moving into.

two yarns on a cliff in unravel 2EA
If you enjoyed Cody and May being represented as all sorts in it Takes Two, then two characters being yarn isn’t much different to be fair.

Unravel 2

Another ideal two-player adventure, this time featuring two anthropomorphic creatures made of yarn, because why not?

All the usual tandem tropes are featured here as a litany of interactive obstacles stands between you and your goal. You’ll never guess what the overriding focus is here, either… teamwork!

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The platforming is on point and it’s a great example of the genre – leaving us yarning for more.


psycho and tiny tinaGearbox Software
You’ll be fine jumping into any of the Borderlands games or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Borderlands / Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Borderlands 1, 2, 3, The Pre-Sequel, or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – take your pick as any could be considered a game like It Takes Two pretty much.

Gearbox Software’s insane looter shooter series has captivated players for years with its exhausting list of amazing characters, its bazillions of guns, and WUB WUBs and DUB DUBs.

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The best thing of all? You can be sat next to the partner of your choosing as you undertake all of these hours of gameplay. The most recent entry into the franchise, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, goes overboard on the craziness and is a more than acceptable starting point into the franchise if your badonkadonk so desires.


kirby and second player dressed up in forgotten landsNintendo
The world is your oyster in Kirby and The Forgotten lands…so eat it.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land

30 years of Kirby later and the world is not even close to being sick of him yet, which is some achievement.

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2022’s Kirby and The Forgotten Land is even more impressive when you consider that decades later our little pink pal is finding new ways to reinvent himself and cater to new audiences. This is none more evident than how seamlessly the game works as a coherent co-op endeavor.

Easy hop in and hop out local multiplayer is extremely accessible and allows you to inhale the world together.


cuphead and mugman fighting cagney carnationStudioMDHR
Cuphead is certainly harder than It Takes Two, but the feeling of overcoming is therapeutic.


If by now you somehow haven’t stumbled across the charming and cartoonish nature of StudioMDHR’s Cuphead, then this might either be the best or worst day of your life.

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Despite its endlessly engrossing personality and charming hand-drawn visual style, Cuphead is unbelievably difficult if you’re not prepared for it. If you are, then it’s downgraded to just very difficult.

The game is an exercise in patience as you battle to take down bosses and stress-inducing, one-shot run and gun missions where one mistake can be the difference between success and failure. We’d recommend you max out your friendship or relationship level before attempting Cuphead.

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As Dusk FallsSupermassive games
Make tough choices in As Dusk Falls and hopefully agree on most of them!

As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is a relatively new title created by Supermassive Games, the developers behind Until Dawn, The Devil In Me, and many more thrilling interactive dramas.

It’s a great game to play with local or online co-op and will inspire many interesting conversations as players vote on the rather tough choices the characters need to make.


Keywe game like It Takes TwoStonewheat & Sons
KeyWe will be frustrating but fun if you communicate correctly.


KeyWe is a beautiful puzzle-platformer that’s perfect for couch co-op. It places you into the body of two Kiwi birds called Jeff and Debra who must manage a busy and often maze-like post office. 

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It’s chaotic, and tough, but extremely enjoyable to play, as long as you and the other player have your communication solidified. 


We were here foreverTotal Mayhem Games
Escape the castle with your friend in We Were Here Forever.

We Were Here Forever

Recently made available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, We Were Here Forever is a fantastic co-op puzzle game that requires careful communication and a skill for solving some relatively tricky challenges.

Essentially, you and a friend are dripped into a mysterious castle and must solve puzzles to ensure their survival and escape. It’s a perfect mix between creepy, complicated, and creative.

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For The KingIronOak Games
Battle beasts with friends in For The King.

For The King

Sure, it might not be a couch co-op, but this fantastic co-op game is filled with strategy, communication, and a vast amount of challenge.

For The King is perfect for any tabletop gamer looking to branch out to video games with their friends. You can create your own character with their own set of skills and explore a rather unforgiving world together. Just never underestimate a battle.

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