EA SPORTS FC leaks: Everything we know about ‘FIFA 24’ replacement

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EA Sports FC rumors are beginning to trickle out. Here is everything you need to know about EA’s next project after its FIFA license expires.

FIFA 23 marks the end of an era. After a nearly 30-year partnership, Electronic Arts announced a rebrand, moving on from FIFA. After FIFA 23, EA will rebrand future titles as EA Sports FC. FIFA President Gianni Infantino revealed a new ‘e-game‘ to rival EA Sports FC, and community members flamed the bizarre announcement.

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Despite losing the FIFA license, EA still boasts an impressive exclusive license collection of 19,000 players across 700 plus teams in more than 100 stadiums in over 30 leagues. EA also reassured fans that fans could still play every familiar game mode.

EA touted the new title as the start of “an exciting new era,” so without further ado, let’s jump right into what fans can expect from the first year of EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team

In an interview with the New York Times, EA executive David Jackson claimed, “Under the licensing conventions that we had agreed with FIFA 10 years ago, there were some restrictions that weren’t going to allow us to be able to build those experiences for players.”

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One of those new features may have surfaced, as FUTZone leaked that EA Sports FC Ultimate Team will feature Dynamic Packs.

If players open more packs, they will have a higher chance of packing a high-rated or special card. For example, you have a 5% chance of packing a 90-plus card if you don’t get one after 15 packs.

Every year FIFA unveils a new batch of Icons and heroes. FUTZone revealed the first two legends fans can expect in EA Sports FC.

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Dimitar Berbatov shined in his four seasons with Manchester United, winning two Premier League titles and winning a Golden Boot in 2010-11. The memorable striker is Bulgaria’s all-time leading goal scorer. also surpassed icon Hristo Stoichkov for most Bulgarian Footballer of the Year awards.

FUTZone also revealed that Bobby Charlton is coming to EA Sports FC as an Icon.

Charlton is a man who doesn’t need an introduction. The English midfielder is considered one of the greatest players of all time, winning a World Cup in England in 1996 and the Ballon d’Or that year as well. Charlton made over 600 appearances for Manchester United, and is one of only nine players to win a World Cup, Champions League, and Ballon d’Or.

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He would immediately top the charts as one of the game’s best legends.

EA SPORTS FC 24 game engine

EA SPORTS FC news source Donk revealed new information about the upcoming game’s engine. Donk claimed that the new Hypermotion V gameplay technology system is “insane.”

Here is everything the leaker revealed.

Frames captured

  • FIFA 22 – 8.7M
  • FIFA 23 – 9.2M
  • EAFC 24 – 590M frames of advanced 11v11 game capture

EA SPORTS FC will have 80x more animations than FIFA 23 and Realistic engine animations are being used to help coaches teach football drills IRL.

Career Mode changes

An online career mode has been at the top of FIFA players’ wishlists for years now. Like Football Manager, the game mode allows friends to control different teams in the same save.

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Before FIFA 22, we reported an EA job advert hiring online software engineers to work on an online career mode. Fans expected the game mode to be included in FIFA 22 or 23, but neither game introduced an online career mode.

According to FUTZone, an online career mode is coming in EA Sports FC. The game mode will reportedly feature no real clubs, limited server sizes, restricted transfers, and cut scenes.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs is a cult-favorite game mode, beloved by many, that hasn’t seen much innovation over the past few games. FIFA 22 introduced Perks and Archetypes, giving each virtual pro more personality and a defined playstyle. FIFA 23 improved the player growth system, making earning XP to level up your created player easier. Incremental changes failed to impress some community members.

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Fans were also disappointed when EA neglected to include cross-platform functionality with Pro Clubs.

According to FUTZone, Cross play will be a feature in EA Sports FC, finally enabling PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users to team up or face one another.

That’s everything we know about EA Sports FC. Take every leak above with a pinch of salt, as FUTZone has been incorrect in the past. EA confirmed they will reveal more information about EA Sports FC in July.

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