How to find Threads badge on Instagram

threads logo with badge

Want to know what a Threads badge is or where you can find it? It’s pretty easy to locate, and you’ve probably already seen it multiple times.

Instagram’s new Twitter alternative has been a runaway success. With over 100 million sign-ups in less than a week, Threads looks to answer various Musk-related issues with Twitter.

Since Threads and Instagram are intertwined, you need an Instagram account to sign up for Threads. Though, once you download the app and sign up for Threads, you can’t simply disable your Threads account without deactivating your Instagram account.

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So, let us help you understand this badge, its usage, how to add a Threads badge, where to find it, and how to hide the Threads badge if you don’t like it.

Where is your Threads badge?

Thread badge

Since Meta is experiencing vast numbers of sign-ups, you can check how fast you were to sign up. This is done through the new “badge” system, displayed underneath your Instagram handle.

The number has no bearing on anything other than social status, but it’s pretty easy to find once you know where to look.

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Head over to your Instagram profile, and if you’ve activated your Threads account, you’ll see a new badge with a number. Tap this, and you’ll be granted with your unique user number on Threads.

That’s all there is to it. While it doesn’t really do much other than send visitors to your Threads profile, it’s some information you can laud over your friends.

How to add threads badge to Instagram

If you’ve signed up for Threads, your Instagram profile will automatically display a badge underneath your Instagram handle.

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You can’t manually add the Threads number to your profile.

How to hide your Threads badge on Instagram

Thread badge

If you do not like the Threads badge to show on your profile, you can hide it. Though the company says this badge is temporary, it can be easily removed. To remove the Threads badge from Instagram, follow the below process.

  • Tap on the Threads badge
  • Tap on “Hide badge.”
  • Confirm the removal by clicking on “Remove the badge.”

Be warned, though, you cannot unhide the Threads badge once you’ve removed it.

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