Best soundbar Prime Day deals 2023

Soundbar Prime Day deals

What’s the point in investing in a nice TV, if you’re just going to use the weak built-in speakers included with it? It’s time to get a soundbar and enjoy your games and movies properly.

There’s nothing better than sitting down and tuning into a movie, or switching on the game you’re playing through and hearing the sweet tones through a soundbar. While not as elaborate or in-depth as a full speaker setup, it’s an easy and simple method of just adding that extra boost to your entertainment system.

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Most modern flatscreen TVs come with decent speakers, but they always lack the bass and depth that a dedicated speaker brings. Soundbars are an easy way to skirt around the space needed and often can just simply slot under the TV itself.

Plus, if you do intend to bolster your setup, having the soundbar as a central piece is always an excellent idea.

Soundbars are also getting quite advanced with what they offer. If you want something that’s going to hook into your overall system with no hassle, there are eARC soundbars. These use HDMI and will often be able to be controlled by your TV or console without the need to start threading thin 3.5mm cables around the entertainment center.

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Prime Day soundbar deals to watch out for

There are tonnes of soundbar brands out there, but our favorites usually land with the usual suspects. Samsung, Sony, and LG often cut prices throughout the year, and Prime Day is no different.

The one thing we’ll be sure to let you know is if the soundbar is the lowest it has been in recent weeks, as a lot of brands might try to inflate the price back to MSRP and drop it again on Prime Day.

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Prime day audio cables and accessories deals

Don’t forget to get your cables and other accessories this Prime Day. There’s no better time to stock up on spare HDMI, 3.5mm, and optical cables when they’re seeing prices slashed.

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