Best M13B Warzone 2 loadout: Class setup, attachments, Perks


The M13B AR is enjoying a comeback to popularity within Warzone 2’s community in Season 4, skyrocketing from a niche pick to one of the meta weapons, it’s a lethal assault rifle, here’s everything you need to know about the meta loadouts, perks, and attachments for the M13B in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2‘s Season 4 update is underway, and the meta shifted significantly. M13B is a great example of that, as its pick rate went bananas.

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The powerful AR made a name for itself in Warzone 1 because of its lightning-quick fire rate and incredible accuracy. The Warzone 2 rendition of the M13 keeps the high fire rate but didn’t have the effective range of the original. That is until now.

To make the most of the buffed M13B you’ll need the best loadout possible and thankfully, we’ve got you covered.


Best M13B Warzone 2 loadout


  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp
  • Optic: SZ Recharge-DX
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

The M13B is an excellent long range weapon but its lower damage output when compared to other rifles makes it uncompetitive up close. Due to this, we focus exclusively on making the M13B as accurate as possible to make the most of its ranged capabilities.

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The best way to make a gun effective at long range is to reduce its recoil. To do this it’s best to use both the FTAC Castle Comp muzzle and Lockgrip Precision-40 underbarrel. When combined these improve overall recoil by around 35%.

Another important attachment for any ranged weapon is a clear and effective optic. There are a few good options but the SZ Recharge-DX is the best thanks to its ease of use. Some players may prefer alternatives such as the Aim OP-V4, Schlager 3.4X, or VLK 4.0.

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Unlike the original M13, its successor doesn’t have amazing bullet velocity. This can make shooting targets from afar rather difficult. To fix this you’ll want to use the 5.56 High Velocity rounds. Finally, a 60 Round Mag is perfect for minimizing time spent standing around reloading, especially in Trios and Quads.

best m13b loadout for warzone 2 season 3 reloaded

Best M13B Warzone 2 class: Perks & Equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk 2: Overkill
  • Bonus Perk: Resupply
  • Ultimate Perk: High Alert
  • Lethal: Drill Charge
  • Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade

For Base Perks, Double Time is useful as it doubles your tactical sprint duration making getting around both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island faster. It’s also recommended to use Overkill to run a secondary that covers the M13B’s weaknesses like a meta SMG.

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Resupply is an effective Bonus Perk as it constantly regenerates both Equipment slots and Field Upgrade. Given the importance of equipment for pushing other teams and maneuvering having constant access to them is fantastic.

For the Ultimate Perk, High Alert is a superb choice as it provides free intel by highlighting the direction of enemy players aiming at you from behind. With Warzone 2’s short TTK, this is one of the few ways to give yourself enough time to react before being downed.

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Equipment is flexible as there are several strong choices but a Drill Charge and Smoke Grenade are the top picks here. Drill Charges are excellent for flushing out players from hard to reach areas while Smoke Grenades allow you to reposition through open spaces without being punished.

How to unlock the M13B in Warzone 2

To get your hands on the M13B Assault Rifle, you need to complete a challenge in the new DMZ mode of the game. You need to defeat ‘The Chemist’ (an AI boss) in the radiation zone, loot his body, and extract the blueprint.

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Alternatively, it can be unlocked by extracting with any M13B blueprint in DMZ. This blueprint can be taken from an enemy player or dropped by a friend who has already unlocked the assault rifle.

Best M13B alternatives in Warzone 2

If you are a fan of fast-firing yet still accurate weapons we recommend giving the Lachmann-556 a try. Alternatively, the ISO Hemlock is a slower firing but harder hitting option that is easy to control.

That’s all for our M13B loadout! For more of our Warzone 2 coverage, check out these guides below:

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