Diablo 4 might bring back Rebirth feature thanks to fan requests

diablo 4 rebirth featureBlizzard Entertainment

Because of widespread fan requests, Diablo 4 developers may bring back the Rebirth feature from Diablo 3.

The Rebirth option in Diablo 3 allowed players to bring their main-game characters to the seasonal content. This worked wonders for those who simply didn’t want to create another hero at the start of a new Season.

With the press of a button, users could select an existing hero and convert him or her into a Seasonal character. The option reverted the transferred character to level 1, then mailed his or her stash contents and items to the player’s non-seasonal mailbox.

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Players with a fondness for their Diablo 4 heroes are hoping a similar feature will eventually make its way to the newer experience.

Blizzard is considering the return of the Rebirth option for Diablo 4

When Season 1 launches later this month, users will need to create a completely different character, leaving behind whomever they used in the base game. The addition of a much-coveted Rebirth feature could change this fact, and it seems Blizzard is at least considering the possibility.

In response to a fan asking about Rebirth, Diablo’s Global Community Director Adam Fletcher confirmed that no such option currently exists for Diablo 4.

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The developer noted, however, that the studio is aware of the numerous fan requests. Fletcher’s comment has sparked hope among those who’d love for the Diablo 3 feature to make a comeback.

Of course, Fletcher’s response doesn’t guarantee that Diablo 4 will get the Rebirth feature. But some may be pleased to know that the idea is at least on Blizzard’s radar, even if such a change wouldn’t take effect until long after Season 1 drops.

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Diablo 4 Season 1 goes live across all platforms on July 20. Referred to as the Season of the Malignant, the first seasonal update will introduce a Battle Pass, new rewards, and additional quests.

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