Warzone players are demanding more 80s crossovers after Die Hard, Rambo success

Warzone action heroes crossoversActivision

Warzone players are demanding more 80’s themed crossovers in the Call of Duty battle royale after the success of the first Action Heroes bundle featuring Rambo and John McClane.

Over the first 15 months since Warzone’s release, Activision has been rather cautious when it comes to new crossovers. The Haunting of Verdansk event brought horror icons to the game and more recently, Warzone Season 3 paved the way for 80’s action heroes to drop in.

Beyond those two events, however, new Operators have been mostly limited to characters exclusive to the CoD series. Though with the success of these bundles, players are eager for more crossovers than ever before.

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With Verdansk ‘84 now in full swing, the possibilities are wide open for some classic throwbacks. From popular cinematic legends to heroes from other video games, the community has put forward some strong suggestions. 

Warzone 80s action hero bundleActivision
The first 80’s Action Heroes bundle introduced Rambo and John McClane to Warzone.

We’ve only seen collaborations with film franchises to date. Saw, Rambo, and Die Hard to name a few. But what if Warzone’s trip back to the 1980s allowed for video game crossovers as well? 

That’s exactly what Reddit user ‘ElectroLuminescence’ wants to see. Rather than bringing in a war hero, this idea drops Grand Theft Auto’s Vice City gangster Tommy Vercetti into the mix.

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Obviously, the popular figure would need a graphical tune-up considering we haven’t seen him since 2002. With the right attention to detail though, he could be a natural fit for Verdansk ‘84.

Warzone Vice City crossoverActivision / Rockstar Games
Could Activision and Rockstar Games ever come to terms on a crossover?

For another idea, Reddit user ‘Brunz514’ wants to drop their money on a Scarface bundle. Tony Montana is undeniably one of the most popular characters from the 80’s, seeing him in Warzone would make perfect sense. 

He might not have military-level training, but we all know the ruthless figure has some sharp aim; a perfect fit for the CoD battle royale.

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Plenty of players backed this idea and offered up some of their own suggestions as well. From the rumored Terminator skin to a potential RoboCop set, the possibilities are endless. We do know for certain that Activision has plans for more 80’s crossovers in Warzone.

It’s only a matter of time until we see what’s next, and who knows, maybe some of these awesome ideas will come to fruition.

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