Dr Disrespect & NICKMERCS slam “awful” Warzone Godzilla vs Kong event

dr disrespect and nickmercs on warzoneDr Disrespect / Activision / NICKMERCS

Warzone Operation Monarch has brought Godzilla vs Kong into Call of Duty’s flagship battle royale game, but the biggest streamers like Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS are giving it brutal early reviews. 

The latest operation started up on May 11, and it didn’t take long for clips of the two behemoths to go viral on social media. The update added a new LTM to the game, and at different points during Warzone matches players can be attacked by raging giants, Godzilla and Kong.

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Some of the boldest streamer takes, however, have been rising in popularity for all the wrong reasons – as far as Raven Software is concerned.

godzilla in warzone operation monarchActivision
Godzilla and Kong arrived in Warzone as part of Operation Monarch, but many streamers aren’t impressed.

Dr Disrespect reviews Warzone Operation Monarch

Hours after the update went live in-game, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect labeled the event a solid 2.2/10.

“What am I… 9 years old,” he tweeted.

NICKMERCS slams Godzilla vs Kong Warzone event

These frustrations have been echoed by FaZe streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who branded the update “awful” on Day 1.

The leader of the MFAM said: “This Warzone event is awful. Maybe we’re spoiled from the Fortnite ones, but damn bro. King Kong and Godzilla don’t even fight.”

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That tweet, of course, references one of the biggest events in Fortnite history – where a giant robot was attacked by a monster in July, 2019.

For those who can’t remember it well, here’s a clip from Ninja below. 

That happened way back in Chapter 1 of the game with the original map, so despite nearly three years passing by, it appears NICKMERCS still thinks the original events from Epic Games are the best.

What have you made of Warzone Operation Monarch so far?

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