Security intervenes as Esfand approaches Pokimane in TwitchCon mishap

Esfand and Pokimane stood next to each other at TwitchCon meet and greetEsfand

Security was forced to quickly intervene as Twitch star Esfand approached fellow streamer Pokimane at a meet and greet in an absolutely hilarious TwitchCon mishap.

The first of Twitch’s two annual events is well underway, with TwitchCon Paris giving creators and fans a chance to connect at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from July 7 to July 9.

While TwitchCon is typically filled with meet and greets, tournaments, and other panels for the streaming community, it almost ended in complete disaster for Twitch star Esfand, as a mishap got him caught up with event security while attempting to snap a photo with Pokimane.

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Security steps in as Esfand mistaken for fan meeting Pokimane

Esfand and his cameraman approached Pokimane from behind the stage at the end of her meet and greet on July 8, where he acted as a mega-fan trying to get a picture with the Twitch star.

“Oh my gosh Poki I’m a huge fan,” he said as he approached her. “I’m sorry, could I just get a picture real quick. I’m such a huge fan!”

Of course, Poki instantly recognized her friend, and joked for $10 in return for the picture. Although, right as Esfand went to snap the photo, Twitch security suddenly intervened — attempting to quickly move him away thinking he was an actual fan.

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Poki’s personal security guard was under the impression that Esfand snuck backstage to see the streamer. However, she quickly reassured them that it was all fine, explaining that the two are actually friends. “No, it’s okay, I do know him,” she said before bursting out with laughter.

Esfand then explained to Poki’s personal security that he was only doing an act and was given permission from other event staff to sneak backstage.

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“He’s a streamer, he’s joking, but it is rude and he should’ve told you first,” Poki added.

Thankfully, in the end, nothing too serious came of the situation, although it certainly was a hilarious encounter, with the clip also going mega-viral across the streaming community.