Best Diablo 4 Rogue build for leveling, endgame & PvP

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Diablo 4’s Rogue has a variety of ranged and melee options, giving it playstyle flexibility, unlike other classes. Here is the best Rogue build in Diablo 4 for leveling, endgame, and PvP.

Diablo 4‘s Rogue has returned. Sure, the character isn’t a new class to the series, but it was entirely omitted in the second and third entries. It was replaced by the Assassin, Amazon, or Demon Hunter, who used similar elements in their battle tactics.

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If you’re looking to get that Demon Hunter-esque ranged playstyle with bows, traps, smoke bombs, and dodge rolls in the game, then you’ll want the Rogue. However, there’s also a stealthy assassin style that can work with the right stats, which focuses on high single-target damage. Some players even mix and match abilities to find a happy medium between the two playstyles.

Figuring out which playstyle is for you is up to personal preference, but knowing which skills to spec into for the most damage is essential. Here is the best Rogue build in Diablo 4 in the current meta for leveling, endgame, and PvP.

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diablo 4 barbarianActivision Blizzard
The returning character classes include the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid.

Best Rogue leveling build in Diablo 4

The Rogue class is particularly versatile and you have a good choice of both ranged and close-quarters combat.The Twisting Blades Rogue is an extremely powerful build that can clear a lot of enemies but also deal massive damage. It takes a little finesse, but hey would you really be playing Rogue if you weren’t into that?

Unsurprisingly this build is set entirely around the Twisting Blades ability which causes a lot of damage and clears tons of enemies too. A breakdown of the build is below:

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Skills and abilities to level 25

Here are the abilities you will want to be running.

  • Puncture
  • Twisting Blades
  • Dash
  • Shadow Step
  • Concealment
  • Shadow Imbuement

Here’s how we recommend you build your Rogue out across the first 25 levels.

3Enhanced Puncture
4Twisting Blades
5Enhanced Twisting Blades
6Advanced Twisting Blades
7Fundamental Puncture
9Shadow Step
10Twisting Blades
11Twisting Blades
12Twisting Blades
13Dark Shroud
14Enhanced Dark Shroud
15Subverting Dark Shroud
16Poison Trap
17Enhanced Poison Trap
18Twisting Blades
19Enhanced Shadow Step
20Methodical Shadow Step
28Adrenaline Rush
32Trap Mastery
33Trap Mastery
34Trap Mastery
39Siphoning Strikes
40Siphoning Strikes
41Siphoning Strikes
42Deadly Venom
43Alchemical Advantage
44Debilitating Toxins
45Debilitating Toxins
46Debilitating Toxins
47Weapon Mastery
48Weapon Mastery
49Weapon Mastery
50Paragon Board begins
1 – RenownEnhanced Dash
2 – RenownDisciplined Dash
3 – RenownStutter Step
4 – RenownStutter Step
5 – RenownStutter Step
6 – RenownMalice
7 – RenownMalice
8 – RenownMalice
9 – RenownDash
10 – RenownDash

Which Aspect do you want?

While there are many great Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power that will help this build, there is one, in particular, you need to make a priority. That is the Bladedancer’s Aspect. This has an immense effect on the main focus of this build. Bladedancer’s Aspect reads:

  • Twisting Blades orbit you for a short time after they return, dealing [10-15%] of Twisting Blades’ return damage per hit. Based on the distance the blades returned, the orbit damage increases up to [20-30%] of the return damage.

This basically gives you an aura of damage when you cast Twisting Blades, giving you some great offensive shielding.

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In order to get the Legendary Aspect, you need to complete Jalal’s Vigil, a dungeon located in Scosglen.

Twisting Blades Rogue build rotation in Diablo 4

A Rogue in the loading screen in Diablo 4

This build can be a little trickier than some builds as you are going to want to think about your positioning, or rather, repositioning yourself in order to get maximum damage. The basic rotation looks like this:

  • Use Concealment and Shadow Imbuement, in order to get in position for your first strike.
  • Use Twisting Blades on an enemy.
  • Use Dash to move behind as many enemies as possible. This allows your blades to fly through enemies once they boomerang back to you.
  • Use Puncture on enemies to make the Vulnerable
  • Cast Twisting Blades when it is back up.
  • Repeat the Twisting Blades and Puncture rotation until enemies are dead.

It takes a little finesse to get into the right positions, so get used to using Dash to get where you need to. However, once you get the hang of it, you will find this a really powerful build. It does great single target and Area of Effect damage so can be used in most situations.

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Best Rogue endgame build

The best endgame build for the Rogue in Diablo 4 is the Death Trap Rogue which shares a lot of similarities with the Twisting Blades build.

The good news is, you can keep your stats and skills from climbing to level 50, but once you reach the Paragon board, follow this path:

Paragon Board

  • Starting board (activating Skillfull, Lawless, Resilience)
  • Deadly Ambush board (Activating Trapper, Engineering, Cunning)
  • Cheap Shot board (Activating Devious, Wiles, Safeguard, Oppress)
  • Tricks of the Trade board (Activating Brawler, Focused, Havoc)
  • No Witnessess board (Activating Knowledge, Training, Exploit)


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

  • Exploit
  • Combat
  • Diminish
  • Turf
  • Closer

Endgame item build

Here are the items you should aim to equip for your endgame Rogue build in Diablo 4:

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Item nameItem type
‍Fur-Lined Hood of the ProtectorHelm
Steadfast Tunic of DisobedienceChest Armor
Manglers Steadfast GlovesGloves
Steadfast Pants of MightPants
Ravagers Superior BootsBoots
Bladedancer’s WarcasterMain Hand
Edgemaster’s ShortswordOffhand
Blast-Trappers AmuletAmulet
Accelerating RingRing 1
Ring of the UmbralRing 2

Best Rogue PvP build

Interestingly, the best PvP Rogue build in Diablo 4 in the current meta is also the Twisting Blades Rogue. Therefore, to make the best possible Rogue for PvP battles in Diablo 4 then craft the Leveling build above, and combine it with items and Paragon information from the Endgame build.

This is likely to change during Season 1 of Diablo 4, but for now, the Twisting Blade Rogue is the best build to use in PvP.

So there you have it, the best Rogue builds in Diablo 4. For more Diablo 4 content, check out some of our other guides below:

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