Diablo 4 players baffled after devs discuss colonoscopy on Twitch stream

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Diablo 4 players who watched Blizzard’s recent Twitch stream were surprised when developers mentioned a colonoscopy.

After much anticipation, Blizzard hosted a lengthy stream on July 6 to prepare players for Diablo 4 Season 1 – Season of the Malignant. The first seasonal update goes live on July 20, introducing a new questline, Battle Pass, dungeons, and more.

Several developers appeared on the stream to walk players through the upcoming changes. In a few instances, the conversation derailed into talk about other topics – standard fare for long livestreams.

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However, viewers weren’t prepared when one developer suddenly mentioned a previous colonoscopy procedure.

Diablo 4 dev’s Twitch stream health advice shocks fans

While Lead Game Producer Tim Ismay discussed Season 1’s Malignant Tunnels during a recent stream, Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora interrupted to briefly reference his own experience with Malignant Tunnels.

“By the way, that’s also the name of my colonoscopy,” Piepiora chimed in. “It’s a serious thing when you’re over 50… so if you have a malignant tunnel, you should get yourself checked out,” brand GM Rod Fergusson added without missing a beat.

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A Twitch user managed to clip the moment from another streamer Quin69’s broadcast, as seen in the video below:

The chat replay from the stream shows viewers were taken about by the quick aside. Naturally, dozens of “WTF” and “WTFF” comments filled the chat for a time.

But responses to a Reddit thread about the Twitch stream moment show many Diablo 4 fans appreciate the advice. “They’re not wrong,” one person wrote. Another Reddit user said, “Gamers are older now, [it’s] nice advice.”

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Others shared their own experiences or that of family members, then informed fellow players that getting checkups is a must. “Even before you’re 50 I’d go and get checkups because colon cancer is on the rise in young adults and it’s better to be safe.”

In the meantime, Diablo faithful can look forward to the first season of content, which goes live later this month on July 20.

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