Best Prime Day 2023 deals: Toys & collectibles including Hot Toys and Funko Pop!

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Prime Day 2023 is here July 11-12, with plenty of great deals on Hot Toys, Funko, plushies and more, so you can expand your collections.

Whether you’re an avid collector of Pokemon Funko Pops! or adorable plushies, there’s a wide variety of exciting deals to be expected on Prime Day.

If you’re looking for the best Prime Day deals, you can explore our guide that’s always being updated.

Best Prime Day Funko Pop! deals

Collection of Funko Pop figuresFunko Pop!
Grab some deals on a range of Funko Pop! figures

There are a bunch of deals that collectors can enjoy on Funko figures, meaning you can buy some of your favorites at a reduced price. As many of us know, collecting Funko Pop! figures isn’t the cheapest hobby to have. This is why Prime Day and the run-up is the perfect time to pick up a couple of figures you’ve wanted to add to your collection.

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There’s something for everyone from a gingerbread edition of Wonder Woman to Espeon, perfect for Pokemon fans looking to collect all the Eeveelutions.

Best Prime Day Hot Toys deals

Hot Toys are high-end collectible action figures of some of your favorite characters. The hyper-realistic designs are hand painted and constructed from high-quality resin and a variety of fabrics. So, you can see how collecting Hot Toys isn’t the most affordable hobby, with each figure costing hundreds of dollars.

Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to pick up some Hot Toys figures at a reduced cost:

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Best Prime Day plushies deals

There’s nothing more comforting than cuddling your favorite character in plushie form. You can never own too many plushies, so Prime Day is the ideal excuse to pick up a few more to add to your collection.

Here are some of the best Prime Day plushie deals we’ve spotted:

For more information on Amazon Prime Day check out our page.

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