Amazon Prime Day 2023: Best game deals for console & PC

best prime day deals for games

Amazon Prime Day is coming and the game sales should be incredible this year. We break down what to expect, and what’s on sale.

2023’s Prime Day is going to be absolutely killer for game sales. Not only do we have the entire swath of titles that launched in 2022 that you might have missed, but 2023 has been stacked. Whatever you’re after – as long as it isn’t too new – we’re sure it’ll wind up on this list.

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Nintendo games Prime Day deals

Nintendo’s first-party titles might not go on sale this Prime Day. That’s fine, it’s to be expected. However, the other games in the Switch’s massive library? Those are absolutely going to see price slashes across the board.

Xbox games deals

With tonnes of titles on Xbox heading over to Game Pass, we’re going to be keeping an eye on those that you don’t usually find there. Microsoft doesn’t have much in the pipeline themselves that’ll hit during Prime Day, but there are plenty of older titles to slot into your Series X.

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PlayStation games deals

Sony’s first-party games and pretty much everything should see some sort of discount. The only game we’re not expecting to see get a drop is Final Fantasy 16, but the swath of other titles available for the console – along with old PS4 games – will certainly make up for it.

PC Prime Day game deals

PC games on Amazon are a little weird, but there’s always a good few gems to find within the piles. A lot of digital games might see discounts, but as physical media for the platform begins to dry up entirely, we’ll be sure to point you in the proper direction.

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