The best Steam Deck Prime Day deals 2023: SSDs, MicroSDs & more

Steam Deck Prime Day Dealsvalve/Sabrent/JSAUX

Valve’s Steam Deck is a killer piece of hardware, and there’s a shedload of accessories for it. We’re here to bring you only the best deals for Prime Day.

We’re over a year into having the Steam Deck in our hands, and every step of the way it has beaten all expectations. From its endless stream of games – even those not from Steam – to the massive technical accomplishments of Valve, the Deck is excellent.

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However, there are a lot of accessories that have been launched for it, or some that you might never have considered. Whether you’re looking to get bigger storage or take the plunge into skins and shells, it’s quite a lot to take in.

Don’t fret though, as we’re going to be bringing you the best deals that Amazon Prime Day has to offer. Prime Day is happening July 11-12 and this is the prime place to be.

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Steam Deck microSD, SSD, and storage Prime Day deals

Storage options for the Steam Deck are plentiful, and we’ve already seen 2230 SSDs from Sabrent take a price cut throughout the year. We’re fully expecting to see swaths of microSD cards, and SSDs to see their prices slashed to ribbons when it comes to the big day.

Don’t forget, for those who like docking their Steam Deck, you can also attach some external storage as well for that added boost.

Learn how to replace your SSD and potentially install Windows before the big day.

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Steam Deck controller Prime Day deals

8bitdo ultimate controllerDexerto

If you’re planning to play docked, or just want to loosen up your hands a little, then there’s no better choice than to grab a controller.

One of our favorites, the 8BitDo Ultimate, should be seeing a sale – along with some of 8BitDo’s others – along with all your more traditional Xbox and PS5 controllers as well. We’ll also be recommending anything we can find for those after a little Street Fighter 6 action, or those into their driving simulators.

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Let’s not forget about emulation either. The Steam Deck is one of the best devices for playing retro games on, and what better way than to grab a controller that sits more in line with what you want out of it.

Prime Day Steam Deck cases & skins deals

Fed up with the old black plastic? Well, companies like JSAUX and DBrand are all over it. We’ll find the best skins and cases for your Deck, and we’ll make sure to weed out the ones that aren’t so hot.

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Best Steam Deck dock deals on Prime Day

steam deck docking station delayed

Getting a dock for your Steam Deck is a no-brainer. The little machine can output a steady 1080p/60FPS or more with the right games, or the right settings. While we’d probably recommend scaling it back down to 800p, if you’re on your couch you’ll barely tell the difference.

Docks are dime-a-dozen, and you’re not limited to brands like JSAUX for them. Just about any modern USB-C dock will work wonders, so we won’t be counting those out for you.

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