Amazon Prime Day 2023: Best PC component deals

Prime Day is one of the best times of year to grab yourself a new set of PC components. GPU, CPU, whatever you decide, it’ll be on sale.

It’s that time of the year again when Amazon Prime Day rolls around and brings with it a bounty of deals. If you’re a new PC builder or an upgrade aficionado, you’ll find something in the incredible discounts and promotions on a smorgasbord of PC components.

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Prime Day GPU deals

This is actually a great time of year to grab a GPU. With nothing major coming out on the horizon, and the RTX 40-series pretty much wrapped up until the 4090 Ti, why not soup up your PC with something a little stronger? Even the bigger products are getting reduced, which means that you could see huge discounts on brand-new high-end cards.

CPU Prime Day deals

Similar to GPUs, upgrading your CPU is a decision that is most beneficial during significant sales events. Typically, CPUs tend to experience a decline in prices outside of these sale periods. As we mentioned previously, now is an ideal time to consider acquiring a Ryzen 5800X3D CPU. Taking advantage of the current massive sales allows you to take advantage of reduced prices and potentially secure a powerful processor for your computing needs.

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PC storage Prime Day deals

Currently, the prices of PC storage are experiencing a significant decline, resulting in a favorable market for consumers. Each day brings new and substantial discounts on various storage options, including NVMe drives known for their high-speed performance.

Even specialized drives like 2230, specifically required for devices like the Steam Deck, are also witnessing some price drops.

This ongoing trend of dropping prices presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to upgrade their PC storage, as it allows them to take advantage of cost-effective deals and acquire the storage solutions that best suit their needs

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Power supply deals on Prime Day

New PC systems need more power than ever. If you’re thinking of treating yourself this year, we don’t recommend skipping out on getting a fresh PSU. Graphics cards are consistently upping the ante, and the rest of the machine isn’t far behind.

PSUs might not be the one thing on your shopping list, but if you’re doing a serious overhaul to your system, sales like this are best for the boring stuff.

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Motherboard Prime Day deals

If you’re going to be upgrading to the current AMD chips or even Intel chips, you’re going to want to consider getting a new motherboard to help you work with the new features that are going to be available. PCIe 4.0, 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6 are all well worth the investment.

PC Case Prime Day Deals

Building for the first time or need something to house all those extra parts that will be leaving your current PC? Have no fear, it’s more than guaranteed that a few PC cases will go on sale during Prime Day.

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