Airbnb shocks social media as renter finds themselves in a bathroom with a mattress

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An Airbnb has shocked social media as a renter discovered it was just a mattress placed in the middle of a slightly large bathroom.

Airbnb took over the accommodation market by storm when it first caught wind. A tool that allowed users to essentially transform a space into a hotel room and then sell it as a form of accommodation to others. This unique way of providing space to travelers ended up being a huge hit, with the application becoming a popular alternative to more traditional options.

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It’s been a little bit since the peak of Airbnb’s popularity, but the accommodation site still remains a viable option for travelers on the go. However, there have been some downsides discovered when using the platform, with some finding the website far less tempting than it used to be. Complaints from travelers using Airbnb and other external factors have seen the sites booking numbers drop significantly.

Despite this, Airbnb can still remain an absolute wildcard for those who book them. Sometimes they can offer fantastic alternative experiences for travelers and other times can be a downright awful time for those involved. The latter is exactly what one Airbnb did as it shocked the internet with its horrific presentation.

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Twitter user shocked by Airbnb in bathroom

Twitter user David Holtz reported their shock when they discovered that their fancy booked Airbnb was nothing more than a mattress dumped in the middle of a bathroom. The tweet has gone viral, amassing over 108K and gaining over 6.9 million views since being posted.

The image attached quite clearly shows a bed in the middle of a bathroom, with a towel placed on the bed. Whilst the bathroom is quite large in size, it’s quite clear the bed is placed right near the toilet, and opposite the basin for the room.

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Airbnb support commented on the tweet, requesting a DM so that they could take a closer look, however, Holtz claimed that they had spoken to customer support multiple times to no avail.

It’s not certain if Holtz and Airbnb came to an agreement about what happened during their stay, but one thing is for sure, it’s unlikely Holtz will head back to this Airbnb anytime soon.

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