Man who lost friends on vacation sends video of himself “on a side quest” in the sea

Man went on side quest in Greek searjones119/TikTok

A man hilariously documented his “side quest” in the Mediterranean Sea when he gets left behind by his group of friends and misses the ferry to go with them while on vacation in Greece. Here’s what happened.

If you’ve ever lost your group of friends or family while on vacation, you know how stressful it can be to find them again.

This wasn’t the case for a man named Phill who lost his group of friends and missed his ferry while on a “side quest” in the sea.

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In a video posted on TikTok, which has now surpassed 19.4 million views, a group of guys were seen looking for their friend Phill on a Greek boat packed with tourists. A text over the video reads: “POV you can’t find your friend on the ferry and he sends you this video two hours later.”

The video then cuts to a screen recording of a group chat, where the friends had been seen trying to get in contact with Phil. Hours after their messages, Phill replied with a video of him still in the waters off the coast of Greece when he realizes his friends have left without him.

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As the Titanic theme plays in the background, the caption reads: “POV you can’t find your friend on the ferry ad he sends you this video two hours later…”.

Rather than getting out of the water though, Phill decided to record his deep sea antics.

“Yo, missed the ferry, I have to get these guys”, he tells his friends in the short clip, calling to a nearby boat.

Despite being a fair way from the shoreline, he proceeds to swim in the same direction and then calmly says: “It’s gonna take me a while to get to you guys.”

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Unbeknownst to Phill, another friend was watching from the beach and recording the bizarre moment from afar.

Viewers joke he’s on a “side quest”

The video quickly received millions of likes after being published on TikTok, and viewers are joking Phill had found himself on a side quest.

One person wrote: “The main character taking a side quest and finally returning to finish the main storyline.”

Another said: “Had to hit the side mission while halfway through the main mission.”

“Before you have fast travel in Assassin’s Creed be like,” a third joked.

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Viewers are now eagerly waiting to see if Phill will tell his side of the story and reveal what he’d been up to. And more importantly, if he found his way back to his friends.

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