Zombieverse: Release date, premise & more

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Welcome to the Zombieverse: here’s everything we know about Netflix’s new crazy reality series, including its release date, a breakdown of its premise, and more.

We’re living in an age of peak reality TV; not necessarily in quality, but quantity. There’s Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, Below Deck, The Bachelorette, the Real Housewives shows, and more.

There’s also the likes of Physical: 100, Awake: The Million-Dollar Game, Outlast, and later this year, Squid Game: The Challenge will finally hit the streaming platform as fans wait for Season 2.

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Soon, a new pulse-racing contender will enter the mix: Zombieverse – so, here’s what you need to know.

Zombieverse release date: When is it on Netflix?

Zombieverse will start streaming on Netflix on August 8.

It’s unclear how many episodes there’ll be in the debut season, nor do we know if all episodes will drop at once or if they’ll release on a weekly basis like Physical: 100.

What is Zombieverse? Netflix reality show explained

Zombieverse pits its contestants against a zombie apocalypse in Seoul, forced to fight for food, water, shelter, and survival. They’ll complete tasks each day, but if anyone is “bitten”, they’ll be left behind.

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The official logline reads: “Finding their way around a new type of zombie universe, Zombieverse, participants must complete quests to survive in Seoul, which has been turned into a zombie world. The art team from All of Us Are Dead and the zombie action choreographer from Kingdom work behind the scenes, adding to the anticipation of how realistically and thrillingly the zombie universe will be portrayed.

“Their endeavors to survive until the end by completing quests such as looking for food, transportation, or a safe haven; or deciding whether to save a colleague who has been infected by a zombie, will keep viewers at the edge of their seats.”

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In the first teaser trailer, newsreaders say: “Multiple patients are being reported of an unknown infection. They appear to be showing unusual, violent symptoms. Extreme caution is necessary.”

We see scenes of bloody, terrifying chaos in Seoul’s city center as the survivors run, shove, and kick their way to safety, with loyalties and characters tested as they try their best to survive.

The show comes from producers Park Jin-kyung, behind Korea’s My Little Television, and Moon Sang-don, who also made Hey! First Time in Korea?, a well-known travel series.

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As per The Korea Herald, Park said: “How would people react if zombies appear in the real world? There will be new zombies, survivors and unique scenes, which have not been seen in the existing zombie-themed projects. The likes of bumper car-steering or swing boat-riding zombies will entertain the viewers to their fullest.”

Zombieverse cast & contestants

The Zombieverse cast includes:

  • Lee Si-young, an actress best known for starring in Sweet Home
  • Ro Hong-chul, a TV celebrity best known for The Hungry and the Hairy
  • Park Na-rae, a comedian
  • DinDin, aka Lim Cheol, a rapper and TV personality
  • Yoo Hee-kwan, a former Doosan Bears pitcher
  • Fukutomi Tsuki, a Japanese singer and former member of 7+ME LINK
  • Jonathan Yiombi, a YouTuber
  • Patricia Yiombi, a YouTuber

It’s unclear if there are any other contestants, but we’ll update this space as soon as we have more information.

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Zombieverse prize money: How much do they win?

The exact Zombieverse prize money hasn’t been confirmed – nor do we know if they’ll win any money at all.

In Physical: 100, the winner took home the equivalent of $230,000, so we’d expect a similar figure for Zombieverse – but we’ll update this space when we know more.

That’s everything we know about Zombieverse right now. In the meantime, check out our other Netflix hubs below:

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