Former G2 CEO Carlos blasts Rekkles: “He’s the worst kind of teammate”

Rekkles on G2 EsportsRiot Games

The former CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos Rodríguez, blasted legendary League of Legends star Carl Martin Erik ‘Rekkles’ Larsson in an interview with Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields.

The former CEO of G2 Esports talked with Thorin in an interview covering multiple topics, including European League of Legends star Rekkles’ time with the League of Legends squad.

This is Carlos’ first high-profile interview since leaving G2 following his suspension from the organization for his association with alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate.

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Rekkles joined G2 for the 2021 season after a successful run with Fnatic that saw the player place in the top eight at the League of Legends world championship four years in a row. With G2, however, he failed to make an international tournament and left the organization the following year for the La Ligue Française team Karmine Corp.

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Carlos stepped down as CEO of G2 after being suspended by the company.

Carlos blasted his former player in his interview with Thorin, calling Rekkles a bad teammate and giving some insight into his time with the team.

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“He’s the worst kind of teammate to have in a team in many occasions,” Carlos said. “Of course, when it’s crunch time and he’s fed, best guy to have.”

Carlos speaks on Rekkles’ time in G2 Esports

The former G2 executive went on to say that any players that know what a “well-run team should look like” will not get along with Rekkles. He also revealed that during the process of signing the bot laner, he knew there was a high chance that the move would not work out.

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“When I could get him I was in my head like, ‘probability of failure, high. Probability of incredible success, not zero,'” he said.

Rekkles himself has spoken about his time on G2 Esports in a negative light as well, saying he and Carlos were “enemies” during his time with the organization. The Swedish player said he didn’t want G2 to get any money from his transfer out of the organization.

The former G2 head also spoke on the process of selling Rekkles after his unsuccessful season with the squad and how he ended up at Karmine Corp. He detailed how the player tried to lower his buyout through public statements, and how G2 would not consider selling Rekkles to other high-profile squads in the LEC.

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Rekkles is now a support player for Fnatic but has not started for the team since April.

“He shot himself in the foot,” Carlos said. “I believe good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. Of course, there are one-offs but for Rekkles it wasn’t. He ended up in the second division like he deserved.”

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