Diablo 4 “spam accounts” are getting out of hand according to players

Diablo 4 barbarian on horseBlizzard

Many Diablo 4 players have called out “spam accounts” that send them friend requests with offers to sell them items in-game and are begging for a block feature or outright bans on spammers.

Diablo 4‘s launch has been a meteoric one, setting new records for Blizzard with how quickly it’s been able to sell copies. Players across the world have been hopping into the world of Diablo whether it’s their first time playing the series or they’re returning players from prior entries.

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And, while Diablo 4 doesn’t have D3’s auction house that created an entire economy around the game, some websites are still trying to find ways to make money off of selling rare items.

Players have noticed that “spam accounts” are advertising the sale of in-game items and gold have been flooding their friend requests, leading to player frustration and a call for Blizzard to ban these accounts entirely — or at least offer ways to block incoming friend requests.

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Diablo 4 “spam accounts” run rampant

For anyone who played Diablo 3, spam accounts were nothing new. General chat was often filled with people offering their “wares” in the form of selling gold, items, and account boosting. Getting a strong end-game build takes time.

Essentially, these services exist for players who want rare items and a max-level account that don’t have the time or patience to sit through the grind. Sites have started using people’s friends lists as a way to advertise following the removal of general chat, a Diablo 3 staple.

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While players aren’t too sure how these accounts are tracking down their info to send them friend requests, they want a way to block these accounts in advance or, alternatively, for Blizzard to ban them outright.

Some claimed that they haven’t been affected by these accounts at all, leading people to believe that spammers are getting their account info via trading on Discord. However, other users have reported that they’ve been targeted by spam friend requests without doing anything aside from playing the game.

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With spam accounts appearing to affect more and more users, many on the Diablo 4 subreddit weren’t exactly optimistic that things would improve any time soon.

“Just wait, this will probably start happening constantly to everyone in some way shape or form. Reminds me of the dark days of D2. If you had ANY spot open, one of the bots would join and spam 10 preset messages advertising their stupid websites, they’d immediately leave, and the next bot would join to do the same. I hated it.” one user speculated.

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Meanwhile, other players just want Blizzard to give players the ability to block friend requests entirely. Rather than having to do a ban wave, many players seemed happy with being able to block the accounts from advertising to them entirely.

Either way, players want a fix to this problem to make sure Diablo 4 doesn’t end up being filled with spam accounts advertising third-party services. Especially with Season 1 on the horizon.

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