Sydeon responds to Disguised Game Changers team backlash: “No one is entitled to a spot”

DSG announcement picture of Game Changers teamTwitter: DSG

Disguised’s signing of a Game Changers team has been met with backlash, with Sydeon, one of the signed players, responding to criticism on her stream. 

When DSG announced their long-rumored Game Changers team, the decision was met with a lot of hype but also backlash. Disguised Toast signed four of Valorant’s biggest female streamers, building a team that was about more than just competitive success.

The announcement was met with criticism from other Game Changers players over the choice to sign Sydeon, Kyedae, QuarterJade and TrulyTenzin rather than already established players. 

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Sydeon, on her stream, responded to the criticism while watching Toast talk about it. She explained that the main intention of the team is to get people talking about the Game Changers scene, which, she pointed out, they have been successful in doing. 

“Now people are talking about Game Changers and it’s trending in the Valorant scene,” she said.

She also admitted that she and the other three players probably won’t be sticking around for the entire year, hinting at the possibility that the four would step down after the first split of NA Game Changers. However, she assured her viewers that the team is taking the open qualifiers very seriously. 

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Sydeon also said the alternative for Toast was to sign four free agents and only give them a week to practice for the open qualifiers. This is something Toast had previously said that did not sit right with him.

She further said that just because Toast decided to sign four streamers, it does not mean they took spots that belonged to other players. “No one is entitled to a spot on Toast’s team,” she said. 

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Sydeon also pointed out that NA Game Changers is an open circuit, so any player is free to participate and make a run through the circuit. 

She then ended her response by admitting that some of the criticism stung her. “To read a lot of the stuff about how us not deserving because we’re not good enough, it really hurt.”

She continued: “We should be supporting one another. Moving forward, there’s never any  hard feelings, I just want the best for the GC players and GC scene, the last thing I want is to come in and make a mockery of this.”

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