Best CSGO crosshair codes used by pros (2023): s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo, more

best csgo crosshairs

In CS:GO, your crosshair can be tailored to your exact preference, but that can make it difficult the perfect crosshair for you. To help, you can simply copy the crosshair of top players, to try the best crosshair codes for CS:GO used by pros.

The crosshair is how you line up headshots, aim nades, and control spray, so it’s obviously a crucial part of your setup.

By default, CS:GO will give you a green dynamic crosshair, but for most players, this is not ideal. Many players will prefer a static crosshair that is less distracting when shooting and moving, and a color that stands out against any backdrop.

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But there are endless choices, and you could spend hours tweaking your crosshair settings without getting it just right. To save time, these are the crosshair codes used by pro players, which you can simply try out with a simple copy and paste.


Best pro player CS:GO crosshair codes

We’ve picked out fourteen of the world’s greatest players, including both AWPers and riflers, and listed the crosshair codes they use in CS:GO. Then, check the table below to see even more crosshairs you can try from pros.

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s1mple crosshair code


s1mple csgo crosshair code

NAVI’s s1mple is generally regarded as the best player in the history of Counter-Strike, so what better place to start than with his crosshair code? While s1mple is a primary AWPer (where you don’t even see a crosshair), he is also a superstar with the rifle in hand, so this crosshair is worth trying out.

You can see s1mple’s complete CS:GO settings here.

ZywOo crosshair code


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zywoo crosshair in csgo code

ZywOo, now a major winner in CS:GO, is another player who is almost as good with an AK as the best riflers in the world, while being an AWP user primarily. He uses a small green crosshair as shown.

You can see ZywOo’s complete CS:GO settings here.

NiKo crosshair code


niko crosshair in csgo code

While s1mple and ZywOo are rifle experts too, few would argue that Nikola ‘NiKo‘ Kovač is the best rifler in the world. If you aspire to be as good as the G2 star, you’re probably out of luck, but at least you can emulate his crosshair with the code provided.

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Check out NiKo’s full CS:GO settings here.

m0NESY crosshair code


m0nesy crosshair in csgo code

Like many players, the young prodigy m0NESY uses a cyan-colored crosshair in CS:GO. Although he’s only been in the pro scene for a couple of years, G2’s AWPer has more than proved himself at the highest level and is one of the most exciting players in the world.

You can find m0NESY’s CS:GO settings in full here.

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dev1ce crosshair code


device crosshair in csgo code

Despite some time away from professional play, Astralis legend Nicolai ‘dev1ce‘ Reedtz is back like he never left, and his individual performance is as strong as ever. He uses a yellowish crosshair to tap heads.

Twistzz crosshair code


twistzz crosshair in csgo code

Arguably the greatest North American player of all time in CS:GO, Twistzz, FaZe Clan’s Canadian rifler, is another headshot machine, and he does it all with this simple cyan crosshair.

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ropz crosshair code


ropz crosshair in csgo code

Twistzz’s teammate, Robin ‘ropz‘ Kool, is often lauded as one of the players with the greatest mechanical skill in CS, even leading to pros accusing him of cheating before he went pro. Of course, it’s actually just his crisp aim, which he achieves with this green crosshair.

sh1ro crosshair code


shiro crosshair in csgo code

Cloud9’s primary AWPer, Dmitriy ‘sh1ro’ Sokolov, is a superstar in his own right, even if he doesn’t get the shine of his contemporaries like s1mple and ZywOo. His crosshair is somewhat unique among pros, with a faded yellow color.

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Ax1Le crosshair code


ax1le crosshair in csgo code

Sticking with the Cloud9 stars, their star rifler Sergey ‘Ax1Le’ Rykhtorov is quickly making a name for himself as a true threat to the crown of NiKo in this role. If his crosshair is more to your style, then give it a shot using the code above.

YEKINDAR crosshair code


yekindar crosshair in csgo code

Team Liquid’s Mareks ‘YEKINDAR’ Gaļinskis is tipped as the best entry-fragger role player in the world, with his signature aggression on the T side. He’s more than happy to push any bombsite, confident his expert crosshair placement will help him clear the CT’s power positions. He does so with this neat and tidy green crosshair.

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blameF crosshair code


blamef crosshair in csgo code

Even in a struggling Astralis team, Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer is a consistent performer. Although sometimes criticized for his passive playstyle by fans, there is no denying that a one-on-one duel with blameF is a risk for even the best in the world. He uses a small, dot-like crosshair to land his shots.

ELiGE crosshair code


elige crosshair in csgo code

Another of NA’s finest, Jonathan ‘EliGE‘ Jablonowski’s standout trait is often his spray control. While you might think your crosshair is not all that important in this regard, the difference between a dynamic and static crosshair will determine whether it expands or not when firing. ELiGE, like most pros, prefers a static one.

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stavn crosshair code


stavn crosshair in csgo code

Although many say that Heroic doesn’t have a ‘star’ player (unless you count cadiaN’s antics), the closest thing they have is Martin ‘stavn’ Lund. Still a young player, stavn has shown moments of pure brilliance on the biggest stage and is a clutch expert, too. He uses a very small, light blue crosshair.

KSCERATO crosshair code


kscerato crosshair in csgo code

The best Brazilian player in the world, Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato, is among the very best riflers globally, and although his FURIA team has struggled to win international events, few would lay much of the blame at his feet. Always a top performer, you can emulate his crosshair with the code above.

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More CS:GO pro crosshair codes

We’ve picked out some of the best crosshairs from the best players above, but there are countless more pro players to choose from. Here’s a selection of more codes for you to try:

Player (Team)Crosshair code
broky (FaZe)CSGO-Gfqt6-ZjheF-jyOEr-2VjX8-XTFuA
b1t (NAVI)CSGO-9OysP-sFw9b-dHiXx-VXUA2-hif4D
karrigan (FaZe)CSGO-CP44i-z2D7K-dpJhE-TvPaj-MaMbM
Magisk (Vitality)CSGO-Ch7e4-W6rmt-rj9Tw-2HmUn-RfK5O
rain (FaZe)CSGO-mbppN-WGdqq-XeBH8-bmdyV-fxwPB
cadiaN (Heroic)CSGO-OsK33-i3cCK-C3HFj-8NFp3-HpCxH
electroNic (NAVI)CSGO-eJxbP-TpvSq-MOhe6-PTKWW-NoRBD
NAF (Liquid)CSGO-yHoxk-iT4Un-WQcGC-ftm6y-6NZfE
jame (VP)CSGO-xaqow-cUtCU-MYdu3-qC47b-ZHZML
k0nfig (NIP)CSGO-jPHWX-2Rv8b-oAAaP-eRHBs-pevvE
jabbi (Heroic)CSGO-4PQMC-kA9Ho-muNQv-9u2BJ-tLXoN
Patsi (Liquid)CSGO-ty4wQ-Va3B2-rMK8r-ROvoR-yopJN
Spinx (Vitality)CSGO-HsTKJ-UzdPk-qvWjm-Y2FDE-eJH8D
headtr1ck (NIP)CSGO-CmPqs-mhQJt-YmNOa-XhqMq-HvDmQ
tabseN (BIG)CSGO-xjXqo-C9vj8-kzmGn-UKdLu-HRsuL
w0nderful (Spirit)CSGO-jhrTh-eXR6k-6LeUL-C5ukE-FkdVG
apEX (Vitality)CSGO-idk3k-MD5qw-6b9rH-tr7u7-KPh8E
FalleN (Furia)CSGO-TpORA-p9Ley-TLQ3P-HzXJY-U9z6A
HObbit (Cloud9)CSGO-tNKL3-nvYRR-MyrEa-Ds9kN-bkWjM
Hunter (G2)CSGO-fefXh-O6xYZ-FdCHQ-OP9Kq-qKwLA
Suihy (MOUZ)CSGO-POePx-nrfn5-rRXKx-tZASS-fcEBM
FlameZ (Vitality)CSGO-VxTDO-uUGK3-wsSfC-kO6Yz-iyXsO
Aleksib (NAVI)CSGO-Jp4hk-AfzML-FcpUT-2pfxZ-kSLoD
JKS (G2)CSGO-Un7wk-YEcd5-YUnK4-eoFqZ-LbRVP

How to import crosshair code into CS:GO

It’s a simple process to use these crosshair codes in CS:GO, by copying and pasting them into your settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings menu in CS:GO by clicking the cog symbol
  2. Navigate to ‘Game’ and then ‘Crosshair’
  3. On the crosshair preview image, click ‘Share and Import’
  4. Paste the code into the pop-up and click ‘Import’
csgo crosshair settingsValve
You can import crosshair settings buy entering the code here.

This will automatically change your crosshair to the exact settings used by one of these pro players, depending on which code you use.

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If you want to keep a record of your own code, simply click ‘copy my code’ before importing a new one, and then save this somewhere, in a Notepad note, for example. That way, you can always revert to your previous crosshair easily.

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