Does deleting Threads account delete your Instagram too?

Threads and Instagram logo in front of deactivate page

Meta’s new social platform, Threads, aims to take on Twitter. However, there’s a significant issue if you try to delete your new account.

Threads, the new social platform – that’s not so new – from Meta has gone live. The Twitter-like platform is yet another shot at Elon Musk’s Twitter, which has been going through some significant issues recently.

Users signing up for Threads use their Instagram profile and effectively import everything across. Your name, username, and followers are all pulled from what you set up on Instagram.

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It has introduced unusual restrictions to profile customization, but a key point of contention is that Instagram is so tied into the service you’ll be forced to wipe both profiles if you delete your account.

Can you keep your Instagram account if you delete your Threads account?

If you delete your Threads account, it’ll wipe your Instagram account too. The two are integrated together, but you can deactivate your account. This won’t delete your Instagram but will keep you in Meta’s system should you ever choose to reactivate it.

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Emily Hughes Bluesky post: I deactivated my threads account already but it turns out you can’t delete your threads account *without also deleting your Instagram account* so maybe just don’t sign up!

Reactions to this have been negative over Bluesky, a Twitter alternative backed by the founder of Twitter. One user, Emily Hughes, highlighted it to users on the platform. Some users, like Rich Burroughs, said:

“Thanks for the warning.”

Bluesky posts from two users: could have used this input about 3 hours ago tbh 😢 and Thanks for the warning.

Others are lampooning the lack of foresight, but some have reasoned that technically, no one has a Threads account. The reasoning is that it’s another layer of Instagram that you opt in to.

You can’t change your name on Threads without Facebook

Threads is also tied deeply into how your Instagram is set up. If you linked your Facebook and Instagram together at some point, you won’t be able to change your name without changing your Facebook one first. You also can’t change your username without altering your Instagram profile either.

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How to deactivate your Threads account

If you regret signing up for Threads and want to deactivate without wiping your Instagram, here’s how.

Head to your profile and press the three-lined button in the corner. This will bring up the settings page. From here, press Account and hit Deactivate profile.

Follow any onscreen instructions and your account will be filed away until you reactivate it.

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