How to get verified on Threads

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Want to know how to get verified on Threads? Don’t worry. Getting a blue tick on Threads is easy but has a few caveats. Follow the detailed guide to get your profile verified on Instagram Threads.

Ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the definition of a verified account with a blue check mark has changed. Meta also quickly adopted the new normal and started charging users to verify their profiles on its social media platforms.

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Threads is no exception; You can also get your account verified on Instagram’s new social media app; however, the Threads profile verification process is slightly different.

To get verified on Threads, you need to verify your Instagram account, and the same verification status then spills over to Threads. For some odd reason, best known to Meta, if your Facebook profile is verified, it does not have the same effect on your Instagram or Threads account.

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Though Threads has a profile verification option in the settings menu, it takes you to Instagram’s legacy verification option.

How to get verified on Threads

As mentioned above, to get verified on Threads, you need to get your Instagram account verified. There are two ways to get a verified blue check mark on your Instagram profile. These are as follows: 

  • Instagram’s legacy verification process: It is free but a time taking process where the decision to verify the account depends on various factors, and there is a chance that your request might get rejected as well.
  • Meta’s new verification process: Similar to Twitter Blue, Meta verified is a chargeable service available at $14.95 in select regions only. It’s almost certain that your profile will get verified if you follow this route. 

Use Instagram’s legacy verification process

Instagram's legacy verification processDexerto

The legacy verification process will involve getting your Instagram account verified. This method will require manual verification by Meta, following your request for a badge.

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  • Open Instagram App
  • Head to “Settings”, then tap “Business / Creator tools and controls”
  • Tap on “Request Verification”
  • Complete the verification request form
  • Tap “Submit”

This will then send your request for account verification to Instagram, and by proxy, Threads. It might take a few weeks in order to get a response, so just be aware that this method will not lead to immediate verification.

Use the new Meta Verified process

Meta verified Instagram and Threads verification processDexerto

The Meta Verified process is a new system where you’re able to pay a small fee in order to get verified. This is fairly similar to how Twitter Blue functions. Though, Meta verified is only available in select regions. But, by following this process, you can also sign up to the waitlist. The process is identical to getting Meta Verified on Instagram.

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  • Log in to your Instagram account on your iOS or Android device
  • Ensure that you have set up 2-FA authentication on your account
  • Head to this link
  • (Optional): Sign up to the waitlist if Meta Verified is not available in your region
  • Upload your government-issued ID
  • Tap “Get Meta Verified” and enter your payment details

From here, you will have to await approval from Meta. Though, the process should not take as long as manual verification. You can also sign up, and go through the 2FA setup after signup. Though, you also need to be at least 18 years of age in order to get verified.

Additionally, you must have your full name and profile picture that matches your face. This is in order for Meta to go through its identity verification process, in order to ensure that there are no impersonators slipping through the cracks.

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The verification process might be longer than expected

Due to over 100 million users landing on Threads in under a week, there is bound to be an influx of users seeking verification. This could potentially create a backlog of verification requests which have to be processed. Depending on how Meta’s support system is working, this means that it could take longer to get verification on your account than expected.

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