Does Threads work on desktop? Web app explained

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Wondering if Threads works on a desktop or has a web app? Fear not, as we are here to explain all about Meta’s brand-new social media platform.

Now that there are millions of users on Threads, brands and influencers alike are taking to the platform to share content. This comes following some turbulent times at Twitter, which has led to many looking for alternatives like Mastodon and Bluesky. Threads, however, has the advantage of being deeply interconnected with Instagram right from the beginning.

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Wondering if Instagram Threads has a web app or does it work on a desktop? Don’t worry. We have everything you need to know about the Threads web app or desktop application.

In less than a week, Threads has over 100 million users – a rare feat. However, the most important thing to notice here is that all these signups have only happened via the Threads mobile app. This tells you about the shifting paradigm that the pundits at Twitter haven’t been able to recognize.

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Instagram has successfully leveraged a massive user base and got them to sign up for a new social media platform. All the while, turbulent times for Twitter create a perfect storm for Meta’s new app. 

However, if you were looking to use the Threads app on your desktop or plan to access the Threads web app, then you’d be disappointed. Let’s tell you everything about the Threads desktop app and how to access it.

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Does Threads have a desktop web app?

Threads applicationThreads / Meta

For better or worse, another element that Threads is taking from Instagram’s template is the lack of a usable web app or desktop mode at launch. While there is a basic front-end where you are able to access posts and profiles on Threads, you cannot view your timeline, or log in.

Instead, users will be pointed toward the mobile app, which will allow them to install the app and post and view their timeline from there. The possible reasoning behind this is to push the number of mobile app downloads on the platform. Many social media users only use the apps via their mobile devices, so there is less pressure for the company to introduce a functional web app right at launch.

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Though, as more brands and users flock to the platform in droves, Meta might be incentivized to introduce a desktop mode sooner rather than later due to potential ad placements, and to assist Social Media Managers.

There is a workaround, but it’s a chore

There are methods that you can get the Threads app running on a desktop PC, but it would have to be through an emulation layer. On Windows, Microsoft offers the Windows Subsystem for Android, also known as WSA.

Sadly, this only allows you to install apps from the Amazon App Store, but it is also possible to side-load content via ADB. This would require you to dump the Threads APK file from Android and bring it to your PC.

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This is not an officially supported way to get Threads running on a desktop, so it’s probably worth waiting for Meta to release an official web app, rather than jumping through all of these hoops in order to get it up and running.

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