Nvidia GPUs get Diablo IV update that could double your FPS

Diablo IV colored Nvidia green

The latest drivers for Nvidia GPUs bring some substantial updates to the hardware in the lead-up to Diablo IV’s launch next week.

Nvidia has pushed out another driver this week, as it prepares PCs for the upcoming Blizzard release, Diablo IV. The action RPG has been in development for years, with multiple betas this year. There’s just a week to go before you can begin stomping all over Hell’s forces and looting their corpses.

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Diablo IV isn’t just getting a patch to add more support but is having the green carpet rolled out for it. Nvidia will be supporting Diablo IV with DLSS 3 and Reflex.

Players will be able to react much quicker, and those on brand-new systems can take full advantage of things like up to two and a half times the performance at 4K resolution when using DLSS.

DLSS scores for PC hardware, showing a double in frame rateNvidia

Nvidia releases DLSS 3 benchmarks for Diablo IV

Diablo IV is a much bigger game than the previous entries and has upped its graphical fidelity ten-fold since 2012. While not as complex as other games, the mass amount of creatures and effects can begin to weigh that PC down, especially on older systems.

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While you can expect a solid 60FPS on anything released in the last few years while at 1080p, DLSS should help ensure those with high refresh rate monitors don’t feel like they’re lagging behind.

Diablo 4 frame rates for laptopsNvidia

Even those playing on an RTX 4050-equipped laptop will find added benefits when gaming at 1440p. Nvidia reports that a recently released 4050 laptop – it didn’t specify which – running a 13900HX will be able to score around 80FPS when using DLSS 3 with this new driver.

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We recently reviewed a 4060 laptop with similar specs, and while it didn’t wow us with its performance, we’re glad to see that Nvidia is looking out for those on laptops as well.

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