How to watch How Do You Live? Is Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie streaming?

The placeholder poster for How Do You Live?Studio Ghibli

Your guide on how to watch How Do You Live?, the eagerly anticipated new movie from Studio Ghibli and Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki, and if it’s available on streaming.

Hayao Miyazaki is responsible for some of the most acclaimed animated movies of the last few decades, writing and directing the likes My Neighbor Tortoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo.

His last film was a decade ago, with The Wind Rises also thought to be his last. But this week Miyazaki is back with a new film titled How Do You Live?

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Here’s your guide to watching the Studio Ghibli movie later this week and if How Do You Live will be available on streaming.

Is How Do You Live on streaming?

No, Hayao Miyazaki’s new film How Do You Live? will not be streaming this week.

Instead, the film is playing exclusively in cinemas, via the following formats: IMAX, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Cinema, and DTS:X.

The film hits those screens on Friday (July 14, 2023). But you will need to be in Japan to watch the movie, as How Do You Live? is currently only screening there.

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We’ll update this article with news of a wider release as-and-when it breaks.

How Do You Live? plot – What’s it about?

How Do You Live? is currently shrouded in mystery, with Studio Ghibli and distributor Toho deciding to release no stills, trailers, or synopses for the film aside from an official poster. With the idea that audiences will enter the cinema with no preconceived notions. Though Miyazaki recently admitted he’s worried about that lack of promotion.

What is known however, is that How Do You Live? is loosely based on the 1937 book of the same name, by Genzaburo Yoshino.

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Here’s the book’s official synopsis: “The streets of Tokyo swarm below fifteen year-old Copper as he gazes out into the city of his childhood. Struck by the thought of the infinite people whose lives play out alongside his own, he begins to wonder, how do you live?

“Considering life’s biggest questions for the first time, Copper turns to his dear uncle for heart-warming wisdom. As the old man guides the boy on a journey of philosophical discovery, a timeless tale unfolds, offering a poignant reflection on what it means to be human.”

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