Best Prime Day gaming keyboard deals 2023: Mechanical, TKL & more

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming keyboard? There’s never been a better time than Prime Day when we expect peripherals to see significant price drops!

You’ve got a nice PC or a lovely laptop, and you’re set to play your new favorite game. Do you really want to use the same old keys you’ve had for a while? We’ve reviewed plenty over the last few months and we’ve got recommendations.

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Gaming keyboards can be just about whatever you want them to be, but you want to be careful on Prime Day (11-12 July), as Amazon is filled with a lot of cheap and nasty boards. This page will bring you the highest-quality devices available on the platform.

Prices on gaming keyboards are already starting to drop down a little bit, but we’re expecting a lot more on the day. Whether it is from Razer or Logitech, we’ll be bringing you the best deals possible across the wide spectrum.

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Mechanical keyboard Prime Day deals

Amazon also stocks excellent mechanical keyboards from Keychron, as well as Corsair’s range, so whatever style or way you want your device to be, it’ll probably be featured on Prime Day.

Best Prime Day deals for esports keyboards

A keyboard for esports is just as important as a gaming mouse. We’ll make sure to bring the fastest devices to permeate this section.

While some niche devices, like the Wooting 60HE, might be missing from the list, there are plenty of choices to take you from bronze to diamond.

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TKL & small keyboard Prime Day deals

Need some more space on your desk? Then you want a TKL keyboard, or one of the many smaller devices that crop up. From Numpad-less boards to 40% devices, we have you covered if you ever wanted to try a smaller board.

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