Zelda producer not “concerned” with older games as fans call for remakes

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Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that the series is looking toward the future instead of focusing on older games.

Zelda fans waited six years for a Breath of the Wild sequel – and Tears of the Kingdom did not disappoint. In just three days, TotK sold over 10 million copies, making it one of the fastest-selling Nintendo titles to date.

For the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, some people hoped the video game company might announce Tears of the Kingdom DLC. Instead, fans received a surprising amount of upcoming Mario games – like a Super Mario RPG remake and a Princess Peach-focused title. Also, viewers watched new features present in Pikmin 4.

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While Nintendo didn’t reveal TotK DLC, players are still holding on for future remakes of past beloved Zelda games. However, Aonuma’s recent statement may upset those optimistic about revisiting new versions of favorites from their childhood.

Zelda franchise focuses on the future instead of past

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RTL nieuws asked Aonuma whether he would like to return to classic Zelda games – and the producer had a disappointing response for those who want remakes. Aonuma revealed that Tears of the Kingdom was “born from ideas in the past” and it was “hard to say” about anything in the future.

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“We always try to make something that offers more than previous productions,” he remarked. “In that respect, we are not really concerned with our old games anymore. We prefer to focus on the future.”

In the past, several Zelda entries have gotten remasters or remakes – including Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch received remakes of Skyward Sword and Link’s Awakening.

In the meantime, Tears of the Kingdom players have kept themselves busy building various gadgets. Check out our article to learn how one gamer created a structure to pet the dogs in the Breath of the Wild sequel.

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