Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player stumbles upon infinite Zonai Device glitch

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One Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player stumbled across a glitch that made a Zonai Device Dispenser spit out infinite Zonai devices.

As many Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will know, much of the game revolves around the new Zonai Devices players can find and collect around the world.

Zonai Devices are a key component in some of the craziest builds that fans have been able to create, and are generally helpful for completing shrines, defeating enemies in combat, and much more.

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Now, one Tears of the Kingdom player has stumbled upon a glitch that caused one Zonai Device Dispenser to infinitely spit out Zonai Devices, which may just open up pathways to even more glitches.

Tears of the Kingdom player discovers infinite Zonai Device glitch

The glitch comes by way of the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, where a user named Littleawkward1 made a post titled “Zonai device dispenser won’t stop?!”

The OP attached a 30-second video of the glitch in action. Upon inserting their Zonai Charges to activate the machine, the Device Dispenser began spitting out Zonai Devices as usual.

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However, it didn’t stop at 60 devices, which is normally the highest amount of devices one can get for putting in 5 Large Zonai Charges. Instead, the device continued to release Zonai Devices even after the clip ended.

Unfortunately, it seems there’s been no consensus among the community as to what caused this glitch, meaning there’s no way to reproduce it at the time of writing.

That hasn’t stopped some players from guessing what caused the glitch, like one fan who said, “This looks like a cut scene error. I could be wrong, but normally you have to wait for a short moment until some of them spawn in.”

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This is true, as normally there is a forced cutscene that shows Link dropping the items into the dispenser, which seems to be absent in this specific clip. They went on to explain, “But because you didn’t, it keeps spawning them in until it reaches its ‘minimum amount spawned in.’ And because you keep picking them up, it can’t reach the cap it needs to reach.”

Whether or not this is what caused the glitch is still up in the air, but fans are certainly intrigued as to whether or not there’s a surefire way to reproduce this hypothetical cutscene skip glitch.

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