TotK player recreates over-the-top Zelda animated series scene

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A Legend of Zelda: TotK player recently paid homage to a wild sequence from the Zelda animated series.

Tears of the Kingdom arrived in May but remains the talk of the town in many circles. This is thanks in part to the game’s rather impressive creation tools, which allow players to run wild with their imaginations and build a plethora of devices to their hearts’ content.

One TotK user built a music device capable of playing Megalovania from the Undertale soundtrack. Other players have created everything from mechs and tanks to bomber planes and sailboats inspired by Windwaker.

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Interestingly, one player found that relative simplicity was the name of the game for recreating a moment from Zelda’s classic animated series.

TotK fan pays homage to scene from the Zelda animated series

Twitter user Dan Schettini recently shared Tears of the Kingdom gameplay footage modeled after a scene from 1989’s The Legend of Zelda TV series.

The scene in question depicts Link throwing a bomb, then using the resulting explosion to launch himself midair for a quick gliding sequence. Upon landing on solid ground, the hero takes on several foes in an attempt to rescue Princess Zelda.

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The sequence was recreated fairly accurately in TotK, complete with animated Link’s backflip dodging techniques and all. The side-by-side comparison is definitely a sight worth seeing:

Needless to say, replies to the Twitter post suggest Zelda fans are impressed. “They were way ahead of their time,” one person said of the animated series.

Someone else commented, “Yo, this is actually crazy. This is why I love Zelda. The rebirth of the same source material on loop for decades now in new and inventive ways.”

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Evidently, the 1989 adaptation is the oft-forgotten gift that keeps on giving. But it seems that at least some Tears of the Kingdom fans still have an appreciation for what came before.