Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player shows off insane carnival ride of doom

tears of the kingdom link smiling carnival ride headerNintendo / Unsplash

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player built an insanely dangerous carnival ride using Zonai Devices and minecarts.

Since its release on May 12, 2023, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have gone above and beyond with some of the things they’ve managed to build using the game’s tools.

Fans have already managed to build fully functioning Gaurdian robots from the first game, alongside helpful inventions like hoverbikes and automatic fishing boats.

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Now, one fan has decided to turn a bit of fun into a death-defying act after building a carnival ride that may end in disaster for any passengers.

Tears of the Kingdom fan builds deadly carnival ride

This carnival ride of doom comes from the Hyrule Engineering subreddit, which is a subreddit dedicated to wild and wacky builds Tears of the Kingdom fans dream up and make into reality.

A Reddit user named 19yellowrubberducks posted a 30-second video with the title, “Felt inspired by the dangerous carousel post to build an arguably even more hazardous carnival ride.”

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The brief clip shows Link walking around a massive spinning contraption built on the leadup to Death Mountain. The build utilized a large stone plate for stability, with two Big Wheel Zonai Devices stuck together.

Extending from the top Big Wheel were four posts with angled minecarts on each end. In the middle of the contraption appeared to be two Flame Emitters, two Hydrants, and two Beam Emitters to create even more propulsion alongside the spinning Big Wheel.

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Once Link activates the device, it begins spinning faster and faster until it eventually reaches incredibly high speeds. Fans expressed their admiration for the build in the comments below the post.

“This sub has evolved from cooking pots, to harnessing the power of lizards, to propellers, to conductors, and now we are on death carnival rides. I love y’all,” said one fan.

However, some users noticed that there was a bit of a missed opportunity with the carnival ride. “Why no Korok passengers,” asked one curious fan.

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Considering Tears of the Kingdom fans couldn’t get enough of gluing Koroks to deadly devices after the game’s launch, it would be fun to see Koroks enjoying the ride for themselves.