Zelda fans suspect Nintendo Direct could announce Tears of the Kingdom DLC

an image of Link standing with a sword in his back in Tears of the KingdomNintendo

Zelda fans have high expectations surrounding a possible Tears of the Kingdom DLC reveal during the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo has officially announced that the next Direct presentation will be held on June 21. As for the stream’s confirmed contents, the video game company revealed it would provide more information on Pikmin before it launches on July 21.

Some Nintendo fans suspect the Direct could also feature another DLC track wave for Mario Kart 8 and Persona 3 Reload for Switch. More leaks claim people may receive another Mario title and a Chrono Trigger remake.

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While Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hit shelves just over a month ago, players are still holding out hope for a DLC announcement during the Direct.

Zelda fans are hopeful for Tears of the Kingdom DLC

Link look at the Sky IslandsNintendo

One Twitter user wondered if the Nintendo Direct would reveal the ToTk DLC and amiibos for Zelda and Ganondorf. Previously, a leak suggested two unreleased amiibos of Princess Zelda and Ganondorf that let players equip more paraglider fabrics.

Another Zelda fan aimed to prove Tears of the Kingdom DLC doubters wrong with their supporting evidence. They claimed it wasn’t too early for a Tears of the Kingdom DLC announcement since Nintendo unveiled the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass before the game launched.

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With the past few Nintendo Directs, the company has ended the presentation with more Tears of the Kingdom information. However, one user pointed out how Nintendo could still do that with a potential TotK DLC announcement.

In terms of what players want for a TotK DLC, some wish for a playable Zelda and a Ganondorf origin story before he conquered Hyrule.

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