FIFA 23 players racially abuse pro because he was in their TOTS packs

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A football star for Peterborough United was racially abused on Instagram after a couple of FIFA 23 players were furious over getting him in a TOTS pack.

FIFA is one of the most competitive sports games in the world, and as such, everyone wants to unlock the best players. However, some fans attack the player they get in their packs instead of blaming EA or RNG when they miss out on a top footballer.

That’s exactly what happened to Jonson Clarke-Harris, the joint lead-scorer in League One, who revealed that he had been targeted with a barrage of racial abuse – all over a FIFA pack.

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On June 28, the Peterborough United captain posted a couple of screenshots to his Instagram condemning the attacks he was receiving by FIFA players.

Football player racially abused over his appearance in FIFA 23

In one post, screengrabbed by fanbanter, the striker showed how a fan slid into his DMs to send racial insults.

“F**k get out of my TOTS pack, I hate you,” the user wrote, following that up with a slew of monkey emojis.

“Why are you even a TOTS?” asked another, who proceeded to unleash a tirade of racist remarks.

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Jonson Clarke-Harris racially abusedInstagram
Jonson Clarke-Harris called out the racist abuse.

Clarke-Harris explained that he didn’t like sharing the profane comments, because a lot of minors follow him, but felt like he needed to expose those who were targeting him.

“There becomes a point where these people need to be exposed, and everyone needs to understand the level of racism me and other ethnic players receive over a football game,” he said.

It’s unknown if EA will take action by banning the players’ profiles or if the developer can find out their accounts through the Instagram pages shared by the Peterborough United star.

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