Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Mid-Season update early patch notes

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep gameplayBungie

Bungie is starting to lift the veil on early details surrounding Destiny 2’s upcoming Mid-Season patch for Season of the Deep. From key weapon archetype changes to a preview of specific Perk adjustments, here’s what we know about the patch notes.

As Guardians come up for air after a few weeks underwater in Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep update, the first batch of details surrounding the Mid-Season patch has now made a splash.

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While full patch notes are yet to be revealed and we only have an early glimpse to run with thus far, there’s still plenty of key information to wrap your head around before the big update arrives.

With everything from considerable Exotic weapon buffs to popular Perk nerfs, here’s an early look at what we know to expect from the Mid-Season patch notes.

A group of players fishing at Nessus Pond in Destiny 2.Bungie
Season of the Deep is set to conclude on August 22 but we’ve got a huge Mid-Season patch to freshen things up before then.

Three hefty weapon perk changes on the way in Destiny 2

Arguably headlining the first set of information revealed on July 6 pertains to weapon Perks. Three different picks are being shaken up with rather significant buffs and nerfs across the board.

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Gutshot Straight and Slickdraw fall under the buff category, as both will be much smoother to use in the second half of the season. Auto-aim penalty has been reduced by 37.5% and 33% respectively, meaning it won’t quite feel like a “punishment” to swap these weapons in and out, as Bungie explained.

Meanwhile, Target Lock has “had its time in the sun,” as devs look to knock it off its perch in the current meta. While PvE damage will remain intact, PVP damage is being hit with a 15% nerf to its maximum damage.

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Exotics changing in second half of Season of the Deep

While more details are sure to follow in the near future, three Exotic weapons have already been highlighted for changes in the upcoming patch. Graviton Lance, No Time to Explain, and Fighting Lion are all set to be adjusted in various ways.

Graviton Lance in Destiny 2Twitter: DestinyTheGame
Graviton Lance was buffed at the start of Season of the Deep but is now being honed in again with a range of buffs and nerfs on the way.

On one hand, the Graviton Lance is being dramatically buffed on the PVE side with a 67% increase to damage, though its PVP potential is set to dwindle, with Cosmology explosion damage dropping by 40% in competitive playlists.

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For the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle, a slight hit to the overall range is incoming so Bungie can avoid an instant replacement in the top spot following Graviton’s tweaks above.

And last but not least for now, Fighting Lion should work as intended later this season as a bug preventing its catalyst bonuses will soon be fixed.

Early Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Mid-Season patch notes

Below you can find an early look at the Mid-Season patch notes but be sure to check back soon as we’ll keep you updated here with further balance adjustments as more details emerge.

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Weapon Archetypes

  • Pulse Rifles
    • General
      • Reduced auto-aim angle at 0 Aim Assist stat by ~10%.
  • Bows 
    • Lightweight Bows
      • Increased fixed damage falloff start distance from 15m to 25m.
      • Increased fixed damage falloff end distance from 20m to 45m.
      • Increased final accuracy by ~10%.
  • Submachine Guns 
    • General
      • Made improvements to Shayura’s Wrath ADS dynamic reticle.
  • Shotguns 
    • Lightweight Shotguns
      • Reduced the spread angle of the outer horizontal pellets by 15%.

Exotic Weapons

  • Graviton Lance 
    • Increased PvE damage by 67%.
    • Removed the extra aim assist provided by the catalyst.
    • Reduced the damage dealt by the Cosmology explosion by 40% against players.
      • Damage in PvE unchanged.
  • No Time to Explain 
    • Reduced range stat by 10.
  • Fighting Lion 
    • Fixed an issue where the Chimera perk on the catalyst wasn’t applying the buffs to Kinetic and Power slot weapons.

Weapon Perks

  • Gutshot Straight 
    • Reduced auto aim penalty by 37.5%.
  • Slickdraw
    • Reduced auto aim penalty by 33%.
  • Target Lock 
    • Reduced maximum damage versus players from 40% to 25%.
      • Damage in PvE unchanged.

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