GTA Online weekly update July 6: San Andreas Mercenaries event week, Podium Vehicle, Prize Ride & discounts

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The GTA Online July 6 weekly update patch notes are here, including a new event week, podium vehicle, and various discounts. Here’s everything you need to know about Rockstar’s newest GTA update.

As regular GTA Online players will know, Rockstar provides a new update each week, adding or switching around content. This usually includes login bonuses, boosted rewards for specific missions, featured races, and a whole lot more.

The past 12 months have been a big one for Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto with tons of drama and news involving GTA 6. The long-awaited sequel was revealed last year, but the game has been exposed, presumably, well ahead of time with a huge leak. Rockstar has since confirmed the leaked footage to be genuine, and the hacker has been arrested.

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We’re still waiting for more info on that front and the GTA Online follow-up, but until that time, let’s see what’s been added in the most recent GTA 5 update on July 6, 2023.

These are the full patch notes.


GTA Online weekly update patch notes (July 6)

New GTA Online event week & bonuses

The Los Santos Mercenaries update has put plenty of focus on the skies in GTA Online, with plenty of bonuses being dished out for budding pilots. That’s the same story in this week’s update as the Los Santos Mercenaries event continues to roll on until July 12.

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There are still bonuses to collect if you haven’t already.

  • Buy (or already own) the Operations Terminal and Mammoth Thruster Upgrades for the Mammoth Avenger to receive the “Hinterland Bomber Jacket”
  • Sell GTA$500,000 worth of Smuggler Cargo goods to receive the “LS Pounders Cap”
  • Complete all 6 Project Overthrow missions to get the “Blue & Green Camo” livery for the Mammoth Avenger
  • Complete all 3 LSA Operations to receive the “Conveyor” livery for the V65 Molotok

Prize Ride Challenge Vehicle

This week’s GTA Online Prize Ride car to acquire is the Pfister Comet SR. You’ll need to win in the Street Race Series for three consecutive days to unlock it.

Lucky Wheel podium reward vehicle: Dewbauchee Vagner

Green Dewbauchee Vagner parked on the road in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
The Dewbauchee Vagner is up for grabs in GTA Online.

You can pick up the Dewbauchee Vagner this week, featured on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel reward, so could get it for free if your luck is in – or you know how to win every time.

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HSW Test Ride

Special vehicle test rides can be obtained through Hao Street Races and you can try out the Karin S95 this week.

Which GTA Online missions have the highest payout?

As of March 30, 2023, the GTA Online mission with the highest payout is still the Cayo Perico Heist.

2x GTA$ and RP opportunities

There are a few 2x GTA$ & RP opportunities this week and you can view them below.

2x GTA$ & RP

  • Project Overthrow Missions
  • LSA Operations
  • Air Races
  • Security Contracts

Free GTA Online bonuses

Sadly, following on from last week’s July 4 celebrations, there are no free GTA Online bonuses this week.

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So, if you missed out, better luck next time.

GTA Online discounts & offers

50% off

  • Rooster McCraw’s Smuggler Cargo Goods Delivery

40% off

  • Avenger Weapon Workshop and Avenger Vehicle Workshop Upgrades
  • Agency properties including Upgrades and Modifications

30% off

  • Albany Hermes
  • Enus Stafford
  • Buckingham SuperVolito
  • Titan
  • RM-10 Bombushka

GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards

GTA Twitch Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime Gaming rewards in GTA Online change regularly.

Players can snag the following through Twitch Prime Gaming:

  • GTA$100K each week for a total of $400K

If you would like to claim your Twitch Prime Gaming rewards following the July 6 GTA Online weekly update, check out our guide with all of the information. 

Check back next week when we bring you the July 13 GTA Online weekly update patch notes!

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