New GTA 6 actor seemingly leaked as fans discover Rockstar codename in resume

GTA 6 logo page onlineRockstar Games

A new GTA 6 actor may have just been discovered after a mysterious codename showed in their resume alongside Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games has been keeping Grand Theft Auto 6 extremely close to its chest despite a monumental leak last year showing off gameplay and confirming a return to Vice City, but that doesn’t make them exempt from human error.

As fans continue to await official news about the game, some eagle-eyed sleuths stumbled upon an actor page that they believe has some big ties to the new GTA game.

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In a resume that has since been edited, actor Reggie Talley listed his work on a project titled “Fireball” being developed by Rockstar and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this name pop up either.

New GTA 6 character may have just leaked

Last year, fans noticed that an actress named Natonia Monet had Rockstar Games in her bio and was listed as working on “Fireball.”

Now, fans have uncovered a new resume, belonging to Reggie Talley, and he too seems to be involved with this unannounced project rumored to be GTA 6.

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As screenshotted by The Mirror, the resume states that Fireball is not the game’s actual title and Talley will have a “supporting role” in the game.

grand theft auto screengrabRockstar Games
Fans are growing anxious waiting for GTA 6 news.

Talley has previously starred in Amazon Studios’ The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the 2019 film Equal Standard starring Ice-T.

Interestingly, as fans discovered the profile, the page was soon edited to remove references to Fireball, suggesting something may be up.

Talley isn’t the only one getting a lot of hype for potentially being involved in GTA 6. Some fans are convinced that Bryan Zampella is playing the role of Jason and that theory exploded after an Instagram Live featuring him and Rockstar Games dev Joey Rubino.

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Whether or not this is a sign that a trailer will be coming soon remains to be seen, but with GTA 6 rumored to release as early as 2024, hopefully, we won’t have long to wait for an official GTA VI reveal.

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