GTA modders spark controversy after adding OceanGate Titan submarine to game

GTA OceanGate submarine

GTA fans have sparked controversy after modders added the OceanGate Titan submarine to the game within hours after the catastrophic event.

The OceanGate Titan submarine went missing on June 18 after losing communications during its descent to the Titanic wreckage.

After days of searching for the missing OceanGate Titan, the US Coast Guard announced on June 22 that the submarine suffered a “catastrophic implosion”, which instantly killed all five passengers on board.

Within hours of the announcement from US officials, GTA fans created a mod replicating the submarine — which even explodes at a certain depth in the sea, sparking outrage within the community.

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GTA fans spark outrage with OceanGate Titan submarine mod

A tweet on June 22 by a GTA fan account that goes by the name ‘Mors Mutual Insurance’ — a reference to the actual in-game insurance company — revealed how modders have already recreated the OceanGate Titan submarine on GTA.

It’s fair to say the tweet, which over a million users have seen so far, sparked anger amongst the GTA community, with many putting the modders on blast for acting too soon.

“This is crazy. Too soon man!” one user wrote. “Damn, way too quick my brother,” said another.

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Several more quote retweeted, hitting out at how “highly inappropriate” the fans’ actions are. YouTuber ToastedShoes, known for his videos covering bizarre mods across a variety of games, claimed that not even he would make the mod. “Not even I would make this a mod,” he wrote.

“Highly inappropriate for 5 people who literally died,” another quote retweeted. “Y’all are f**king evil bruh,” a third added.

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