GTA Online fans furious as “unplayable” game wipes garages after Los Santos Mercenaries update

Super cars in GTA online parked up overlooking Los SantosRockstar Games

GTA Online players have branded the game as “unplayable” following the recent Los Santos Mercenaries update as the new insurance glitch is wiping out garages full of cars.

Every summer, Rockstar Games brings a bounty of new content to GTA Online with a massive update. This summer, fans have been treated to the Los Santos Mercenaries update, which has brought a host of new anti-Merryweather missions, fresh vehicles, and long-awaited quality-of-life fixes to the game.

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The update has also caused some headaches for players. In some cases, players will lose the insurance that their cars had out of the blue, and if it is then destroyed, you can’t claim it back from Mors Mutual. 

This has mainly affected the cars that were removed in the Los Santos Mercenaries update, which had caused an uproar from players in the first place. Now they’re doubly annoyed by how things are going. 

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GTA Online players furious with insurance glitch removing cars randomly

Naturally, players have been taking to social media to register their fury about this issue, calling on Rockstar to address it as soon as possible to prevent any more vehicles going missing.

Many have gotten in touch with Rockstar Support, but while they wait for answers, they’re staying away from GTA Online. “Honestly, how does this bug even f*cking happen? How unfinished and s*it is this update jfc,” said one annoyed player.

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“This recent update completely broke the game,” added another. “It’s damn near unplayable and I guarantee they won’t fix jack.” Another commented: “I don’t really have an issue with the content this update gave us. But the bugs make me almost wish they hadn’t touched the game.”

Redditor Gr00vR added: “At this point it is better to stop playing for a week or two. Too many bugs that may cost your vehicle. Many of them can’t even be replaced from websites anymore.”

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Rockstar has acknowledged the issue and stated that they’re “currently working to resolve” it. However, they haven’t got a timeline for when it might be fixed altogether. 

So, if you’re planning on heading to Los Santos anytime soon, you will have to be careful and maybe avoid public lobbies for now. It’s probably for the best if you just fly solo or hang around with trusted friends.

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