Alleged GTA 6 actor has fans convinced announcement is finally coming

Instagram: Z_man_cometh/Rockstar

Bryan Zampella, the alleged actor behind one of GTA 6’s main characters, has been teasing a few more things that have got fans convinced something is coming soon. 

While Rockstar Games and Take-Two have held their cards close to their chest regarding GTA 6, fans have been doing their best to dig up any information possible. 

Some of these have been simple things, believing that the devs have been leaving clues in GTA Online, while others have been full-blown leaks that have landed some in legal trouble. Those leaks did also give players their best look yet at the two protagonists – a male and female – for the main story. 

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As GTA 6 hasn’t been officially revealed, the actors haven’t yet been confirmed, but Bryan Zampella has been dropping hints that he’s playing the main male character, Jason. 

Apparent GTA 6 actor can’t stop teasing ‘secret’ projects

The New York native hasn’t been shy in making reference to Rockstar, the GTA series, and how much he looks like the guy in the leaks. 

Well, he’s been back at it again, appearing on an Instagram live on June 15 alongside former Rockstar Games dev Joey Rubino. The pair didn’t waste any time in dropping hints either, referencing Rubino’s recent week on Forza Motorsport.

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Zampella asked him about the lineup of cars in the new Forza, before asking “Can I steal a f*cking car in this game?” Quickly, Rubino replied: “Not in this one, not in this one. That’s a different one.”

Rubino hasn’t worked at Rockstar in a few years, with his LinkedIn having him last working there in 2016. Though, the pair suggested they would be linked for a long time, adding fuel to the fire around the rumors.

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“It’s clearly a teaser for GTA 6,” commented one fan. “We have officially entered the GTA 6 marketing phase,” added another. “Thanks for those hints, now I’m more excited lol.”

Others aren’t so convinced, though. “No way Rockstar would want their main character voice actor just teasing the game that they have kept so under wraps for the last decade,” said another. 

As noted, it remains to be seen if Zampella is officially involved with GTA 6, but that’ll probably be a while off yet.

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