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Judge Napolitano Believes Hillary Clinton Should be Prosecuted .|


Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey and senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channels is saying in so many words, “Not so fast, Hillary,” after reviewing the latest emails involving Hillary Clinton.

Napolitano analyzed the most recent information regarding Clinton’s email scandal when new information was released last Sunday night during the NFL playoff game. It was a move by the FBI which is reminiscent of the Obama administration’s dissemination of pertinent information to the public late on a Friday, a time when the public is typically not watching the news.

The FBI released 300 emails that Clinton sent to an unnamed colleague and someone not in the government. Napolitano believes the person is Sid Blumenthal, her adviser.

Sunday night’s release, according to Napolitano, proves that Blumenthal was hacked by intelligence agents from Russia, China, Israel and possibly more countries. The hacking from Israel was supposedly done by “friendly” hackers. The emails that these countries acquired through hacking contained state secrets.

During the election, President-elect Donald Trump accused Clinton of exposing state secrets to hostile foreign governments and some FBI agents who thought Clinton should be charged, agreed with Trump. Of course, Clinton denied the allegations.

Where do we go with the new information? Will Clinton finally be prosecuted?

As you may recall, after Trump won the election he said that he would not be assigning a special prosecutor to pursue charges against Clinton regarding her emails. However, he never said that his U.S. Attorney General could not initiate an investigation.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for U.S. Attorney General, just wrapped up his confirmation hearing and assured the public that he would recuse himself from any further investigation of Clinton. However, it doesn’t mean that someone else could not be put in charge of it.

Should Clinton be given a pass because she lost the election and the prior “investigation” regarding her emails has been drawn out? Or should Clinton be treated like everyone else?

Napolitano believes the answer is clear. Clinton should be investigated and should not “skate free.”

But will the pursuit of justice be permanently halted by outgoing President Barack Obama should he decide to pardon Clinton in his last days as commander-in-chief?

Many people argue a pardon by Obama would leave a black eye on his presidential legacy.

It’s important to remember that he continued to transfer Gitmo prisoners and put Americans and others at risk even when it was shown that out of the 693 he transferred, 122 had reengaged in terrorism and 86 were suspected of reengaging.

Apparently, a tarnished reputation is not a problem for this president.


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