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Robert De Niro Gives Support To Meryl Streep


Meryll Sreep and Donald Trump’s story continues. After the actor “Golden Globe” In his speech, the US president criticized, started a campaign in support of the star.

Viola Davis and George Clooney later, Merrill’s side of his colleague and old friend, Robert de Niro, was captured in the wake of a long letter about:

“Meryl! Your speech was great. This word to be said and you coped with this task on its fine. I respect you over and over again. I totally agree with your position on the fact that the power from the oppression of the weak say. How long can you ?! Your own soulful voice has inspired many people, that does not keep silent. It is very important that all protest. We do love you very much! “- Written in the stars said in a statement.

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